Event Recap: The Single Girls Club

Stacii Jae Founder of TSCG

Stacii Jae Founder of TSCG

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 44.9% of unmarried people are women, with more than 60% of that number having never been married. That reality may be shocking, but now more than ever women over the age of 30 are looking to create fulfilling lifestyles by themselves. Even more so, these women are looking to truly know themselves, find sisterhood in this journey and to own success within their careers, finances, dating, and health/wellness.

Panelist at TSCG

Panelists at TSCG

The Single Girls Club (TSGC) was created to be a bridge over the troubled waters that most women experience as they navigate their way through “Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning ME!” TSGC kicked off their launch with the first ever Single Girls Club Conference: “Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning ME!” Experience in Atlanta, GA.

As I walked into the room the energy was high. Every woman was focused, ready to learn, engaged in the speakers and probably thinking the same thought as myself: “It’s about time someone created a network for us single girls. I’m not alone.” It was an awesome experience that captured candid conversations, heart-felt advice, and the creation of a caring support system.

Speakers and panelist for TSGC Experience were powerhouse players including Kiana Dancie, Catherine Brewton, Sheri Riley, Shawn Bullard, Brandi Harvey, Patrice Washington, Allyson Byrd, all of the men authors from the book Single Man, Married Man, Lisa Wu, and many more.

Authors of Sing Man Married Man

Authors of Sing Man Married Man

I got a chance to speak with TSGC founder Stacii Jae about why she created this platform and who she hoped to help. “I was allowing myself to live everyone’s happiness without asking myself what made me happy. I want to create a sisterhood of women. This is nothing about trying to prepare women for marriage. I am the vessel that says if you are happy with yourself, if you are whole with yourself, then should you decide to partner with someone else, then you will be in a wonderful place. So many women have never asked themselves, ‘What makes me happy?’ You need some sisters that you can call when it gets crazy. When you are not feeling good. So that you don’t feel like you are in this by yourself.”

Her passion really shined throughout the day as she recognized her own mistakes, recognized others for their industry expertise, and brought together thought leaders who unlocked personal potential. There were several times when tears were shed, laughter filled the room and hugs were shared.

Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations at Broadcast Music, Inc.(BMI) and TSGC Crown Award winner Catherine Brewton also spoke to SoulTrain.com. “In my career path I never sought favor because I am a woman or black. I have always operated from a mindset that I am going to do the best job that Catherine Brewton can do. I want women to understand the importance of being the best you. When you own your purpose/your journey all of the other steps will make room for itself. Your greatest gift is understanding that you are the best you. I can’t be you and you can’t be me—we are individuals in this journey.”

Some of the most engaged conversation took place with the male guests. Women were most interested in advice on dating and men’s thought processes. SoulTrain.com caught up with WE-TV’s Match Made in Heaven bachelor Shawn Bullard to gain his insight on the event, “I want women to understand that they don’t have to change themselves. Sometimes they just have to change their approach. It’s not about changing yourself at all, it’s about going into the right places.”

—Jamillah Rahmaad

Jamillah Rahmaad is a Public Relations Practitioner and Entertainment Journalist located in Atlanta, GA. In 2013, she founded Soukle, an organization specifically designed to engage professionals after work. She enjoys journalism on topics such as profiled interviews, special events, and business topics. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @Jai_Soapbox.

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