Sound Check: Case: Opening ‘Heaven’s Door’ to New Music

From “Touch Me, Tease Me” to “Happily Ever After,” R&B singer Case has laid down the foundation and soundtrack for many of our love lives over the years.  The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter is back after a bit of a hiatus, ready to release his sixth studio album titled Heaven’s Door.  His new single, “Shook Up,” is an indicator of how the entire album will take listeners on a journey of love. caught up with Case to chat about his new music and how he’s bringing pure R&B back to the forefront. We are so glad that you are back! In an interview with a few years ago, you mentioned you were starting work on a new album. What took so long for you to finally decide now is the time to release it?

Case1Case: Thank you, I’m glad to be back.  Well, the first thing that happened was I didn’t even want to make music for a long time. I was just done with it. So, after I went through that and once I started doing it and recording the music, it really didn’t take that long. It’s just the politics of the music business made me not want to do it anymore; I didn’t even like it. I didn’t have any love for it anymore and I didn’t want to make music if I didn’t have love for it. What changed? What was the magic moment that made you decide that you really love music and you do want to continue making music?

Case: It was two things. In May of 2009, my grandmother passed away, and from the time I was little, she would have me singing and doing concerts, so I started remembering all of those good times. Then a month later, in June 2009, Michael Jackson passed. So I started listening to all of his music that made me want to do music in the first place and the combination of those two things kind of sparked it back up. It took me back to the beginning. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes bad circumstances for us to remember the good things. It sounds like you did find your silver lining. Let’s switch gears and talk about the new single “Shook Up.”

Case:  It’s a regular old fashioned love song, just me professing my love for my girl. There isn’t a lot of love in music anymore; today it’s all about the club and the strip club. I felt like love is something that’s missing in music, so I wanted to bring that back. The single debuted on the charts at #25 and it’s like at #22 right now, so the fans are receiving the single very well. I can’t complain. Talk about Heaven’s Door. What can listeners expect when the album comes out next month?

Case: The album comes out March 31st. The album is more of the same as the single, dealing with relationships, love, of course, and it deals with sex. It’s just getting back to pure R&B music; it’s not R&B with hip-hop, so it is just straight R&B. Is this album more personal than your previous albums?

Case: I wouldn’t say more personal because they all are. I think the most personal was Open Letter. It is a personal album because I always try to draw on my own personal experiences or even experiences that a friend or someone told me. They are all personal in some respect. Do you plan to release another single before the album comes out?

Case: There will be something else that comes out. I will release another video before the album comes out that will be really nice, it’s something that nobody has really done before. We’ll be shooting it in a couple of weeks. I’m excited! Will you be going on tour after the album is released?

Case: I’m still doing a bunch of shows, but we are putting a tour together for after the album is released. So I am definitely looking forward to that. So everybody should be looking for me to come to a city near them and they should come check me out. You have been an indie artist for a while, so how did you end up on the eOne music label?

Case: A friend that I knew from Def Jam had asked me if I was ready to do music again and she made a call and they were interested in what I was trying to do and it just worked out. I have new management also, so it’s a good situation. You are a huge Michael Jackson fan.  What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Case: It just depends on the mood I’m in. I guess if you ask me today, it would be “Blame it on the Boogie,” which is actually the Jacksons, but it’s still Michael so same thing. It really just depends on the mood I am in because it changes all the time, just depending on what’s going on.

—Shameika Rene’

Shameika Rene’ is a journalist of all trades. She can usually be found producing television news and writing for various websites such as Charlotte Vibe, Creative Loafing, Carolina Style Magazine, Uptown Magazine,, or her own websites, and Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @mofochronicles.

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