’s Christmas Wish List: What We Want Under Our Tree

Beyonce-2014Christmas is just a few weeks away, and we’ve got our hearts set on some unique presents for underneath the tree. Sure, lots of people will beg for a new pair of sick shoes or that great designer bag or the latest gizmo or gadget. Instead, we’re looking for something that will bring us enjoyment for months and years to come. This year, we’d love nothing better than to see some of our favorite musicians crank out a brand-spanking new record. Who, you ask, is on our wish list? Take a look at some of our picks below:


We got a little taste of new Beyoncé with the release of her Beyonce: Platinum Edition, but just two new songs doesn’t satisfy our need for a full slate of new Queen Bey. While the woman works her tail off and certainly deserves a break from the studio and time to just kick it with her fam, we’re still going through Beyoncé withdrawal. After last year’s epic visual album release, can you blame us for wanting a similar follow-up effort?


She might not be the first singer to come to mind, but there’s little denying that Ciara could brighten up our holiday season with a new single or two. Maybe she isn’t as lauded as some of the other names on our list, but Ciara’s sheer catchiness and sexy vocals make her perfect for cranking out a mid-winter hit to brighten our lives. And we won’t even be picky about things. We’ll take a solo, collabo, duet, anything.

Joss Stone

Now talk about someone who has been flying under the radar. Sadly for us, Joss Stone has not been hitting the charts as much as her talent should warrant. But with that said, there’s no reason that this beautiful British songstress couldn’t make the world a happier, more soulful place with a surprise holiday offering. Just think about Stone’s silky smooth voice belting out “White Christmas” or “Joy to the World.” We’re getting chills just thinking about it!


And last, but certainly not least, our Christmas would truly be complete if Usher finally dropped his long awaited and highly anticipated UR album. While we’ve gotten little samples of what’s to come, we’re still waiting for the record to drop in all its sexy, smooth glory. So if Santa wants to be extra good to us this year, then he knows what needs to get done: A new Usher album.

—Amy Diaz

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