Tank – Dance With Me

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Tank is coming for blood (or Grammys) with his upcoming album Stronger! After dropping the album cuts “You’re My Star” and “Stronger,” sounds like it’s gonna be a problem for the competition with this new heat!

The crooner is aiming to get us back on the dance floor with “Dance With Me”…No need to explain the concept of this song, heck, it even comes with it’s own dance called the “Love Step”! Break it out at the next shindig…just ask the DJ to spin that new Tank record and get on the floor! Read more>>

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  1. Amy Thro says:

    Tank you should include tyrese on this page of soul train he should be on it he would be delighted to be honored include him please

  2. Amy Thro says:

    Tank you are following your brothers footsteps already tyrese is a icon of Rnb a idol you both are have something in common I am the only one that knows he is the coke cola boy a legend help him to get the bet award it was no ones fault it was taken from him his life he also was on soul train to

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