Anita Baker: Queen of “Smooth Jazz”

baker_anitaGrammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Anita Baker has given her all to R&B since the mid-80s. Her music has impacted R&B, gospel, and jazz music immensely. Baker is truly an icon. Her sultry alto voice soared to great heights when she released her multi-platinum selling album, Rapture, in 1984.  She brought soul and smooth jazz to R&B music with the singles “Giving You the Best I Got,” “Caught Up in the Rapture,” and “Body and Soul.”  Her voice influenced the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul,” Mary J. Blige to record the single “Love No Limit” from her debut album, What’s the 411.

Anita Baker is considered to be a “quiet storm” singer because she is truly an artistic singer that brought a sophisticated sound to R&B music. Her music sets a romantic mood anytime, anyplace; the rhythmic tone is so mellow and serene each time you hear it on the radio.  You can’t compare Anita Baker’s voice to other artists’; she truly learned from the best.  Her voice is idiosyncratic, irreplaceable, and matchless.  Anita Baker continues to offer her unique sound, covering Tyrese’s song “Lately” in 2012. She received a Grammy nomination for the song.  Anita  Baker is not afraid to learn from younger artists and use a song that would allow her to showcase her honeyed voice.  Twista, Jamie Foxx, and Kanye West, mentioned her in their song, “Slow Jamz,” because they know you are going to hear a moving slow jam from Ms. Anita.  Her songs can definitely start a classy party off right. Ms. Anita Baker is divinely brilliant and people can still cuddle up with their significant others when they hear an Anita Baker song on the radio.  People love to see the “Queen of Smooth Jazz,” Anita Baker, at her best!

—Dominique Carson

Dominique M. Carson is a graduate student at Brooklyn College. She will graduate with her masters’ degree in Media Studies in May 2014.  Dominique’s work has been featured in, Education Update, Bay Currents,, Brooklyn College’s media outlets, Pure Soul Magazine,, and  She was an honorable recipient for’s Black Celebration Awards’ News & Journalism category. For more information on Dominique, visit her homepageLinkedIn page, and Facebook fan page.

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  1. Hattie says:

    This was the best I discovered on Facebook, ever! I’m a mature lady who’s taste runs to the Jazz side of music so at the end of my day the thing is need most is music that calms my nerves and settles my mind.

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