Marching On: George Tandy Jr.

George-Tandy-Jr-March“Old Soul” is a term generally reserved for the comparatively young who have tendencies reminiscent of a time clearly beyond their years. In the case of George Tandy Jr., his debut single “March” reminds many of a time in music often spoken of with nostalgia and usually punctuated by, “they don’t make music like that anymore.” But young Mr. Tandy does, and his sound could be directly attributed to his pedigree: George Sr. is a jazz artist and mom a singer, creating an environment that developed not only an appreciation for the wonderful sounds that enveloped him, but influenced him as he set out for a career of his own.

That journey began when his mother, sensing his need for creative expression, encouraged him to move to Florida and connect with his father. Through music, a bond between father and son was forged, as they realized they were speaking the same language and from there, the younger George began applying some of the tricks dad was teaching. There was still work to be done; George was juggling two jobs when he began to develop a relationship with a customer who often came into his gig at Starbucks. That customer turned out to be Cima Georgevich, CEO of RedStar Entertainment; the two developed a rapport and over time, George let on that he had aspirations of being a singer. What happened next is the stuff of legend: Either a demo CD was passed along with a cup of tea or Georgevich heard him singing while on break, but the result was a partnership that brought George Tandy Jr. into the RedStar Entertainment family.

He continued working his jobs, but now to pay for studio time as the songs inhabiting his heart had an outlet and a team to support them with a shared vision. That vision: Making music that best represents George Tandy Jr. and RedStar Entertainment, music that’s as timeless as it formless, incapable of being labeled or boxed into expectations that exist beyond the scope of the soul. The years between being behind that counter at Starbucks and before a sea of cell phones opening for Marsha Ambrosius were filled with writing and recording, tinkering and perfecting songs until one was selected to present to the public.  That one is “March.” The song is confirmation that #teamtandy has been moving in the right direction; a staple at radio, the song has begun an upward climb on the Billboard charts and its author is now coming from behind his keyboard to place a face with the song.

In the last few weeks, he’s made appearances on the morning shows of Steve Harvey and Rickey Smiley, joined Marsha Ambrosius’ “Friends and Lovers” tour while playing dates of his own along the way. To this point, he counts his journey as “amazing”, yet knows there’s so much further to go, but the feedback he’s receiving has matched the intentions his pen had when they connected with the paper. That’s a beautiful thing, because his art is as pure as his writer’s heart and the music lover that lives in his soul. As the momentum continues to build from “March,” he’s entered the final stages of recording his debut album and bouncing the idea of a follow-up single around.

But the work is far from over; he continues to meet with fans on his increasing show dates and connect with them via social media, merging the time-honored approach of introducing a single and a new artist to a growing fan base by working the outlets that have supported him with the social media infusion that cuts the distance between artist and music lovers. The distance Tandy and his team have traveled to this point is remarkable when you consider they’re completely independent and while major labels have begun to take notice, the RedStar team is fully prepared to enter the marketplace with George Tandy Jr., on the hope and inspiration translated so eloquently on “March.”

Stay current with George Tandy Jr. via his website ( and via his social media outlets: Facebook and also @TeamTandy on Twitter and Instagram.

–Al-Lateef Farmer

Between rhetoric and reality is where you’ll find Al-Lateef Farmer; Black man, husband, social documentarian, and slinger of Soul by the pound. His brand of social commentary, rooted in independent thought can be found at and on Twitter @wrldacrdng2teef.

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  1. Jo Anne Hall says:

    My sweetheart has been working! Super talented. Focused and truly blessed by the Lord above, Mr. Tandy (old soul), is going places folks!!
    -Jo Anne Hall

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