Amor Kismet – Don’t Know What To Say

Amor-Kismet-What-To-SayBack in the day, when someone said “girl band” they actually played instruments! Well, Atlanta sibling trio Amor Kismet fills that void.

Sisters Erika (20), Crystal (21) and L.J. (24) are the winners of Bill Werde’s #FlashUnsigned competition in 2013, and this song, “Don’t Know What To Say,” is the piece that won them the competition. The ladies write their own songs and play the guitar and bongos, refreshingly filling a niche that has been absent for years. These ladies are poised to make a splash when they finally find a label home.

Amor Kismet are currently planning their debut EP and seeing Jan Smith for vocal instruction and development. Also, coming in March is another performance video for another one of their original songs, “I’ll Be Waiting.”  Read more>>

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