The Perfect Valentine’s Day Playlist

princeWhether you feel that Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to receive a few extra gifts from an admirer or two, or a sacred day which should be celebrated with a flute of champagne, chocolates and breathy confessions from your beau, cuddled up under the moonlight together, who doesn’t love a love song?

Here’s’s list of the top 10 romantic tunes for Valentine’s Day.

Brian McKnight, “Your Love Is Ooh”

I couldn’t imagine putting a romantic playlist together without including Brian McKnight. In my view, Brian McKnight has been one of the leaders of his genre for a minute. This track is about a man whose feelings are so intense that they cannot be expressed in words, only sounds. Only Brian McKnight could make “ooh” sound this sensual.brianmcknight

Joe, “All The Things”

This tune dominated the 90s. If you can listen to this tune without thinking of the infamous “fridge scene” in Don’t Be A Menace To Society While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood (you know the one I’m talkin’ about…with the hot sauce and the toes), then this is the ultimate slow jam.

Lauryn Hill, “I’m In Love With You” ft. Stephen Marley

Lauryn Hill vocals. One of the gorgeous Marley men singing to you and some laid back reggae vibes. You’d be hard pressed to come across an individual who hasn’t fallen in love with this song.

Dwele, “Old Lovas”

A smooth, playful dreamy tune off Dwele’s Some Kinda album.

“Old lovas/ Young at heart/ Puppy lovers/ Big old kids/Both of us/ Co-exist/ Hand in hand/ We will be ripe…”

Raphael Saadiq, “You’re The One That I Like”

People sing about love all the time. Never underestimate the power of like. You can love a person and not like them. When the like is gone, all you’re left with is a feeling of obligation and perhaps a little resentment. Like keeps the flames of friendship burning which is a must for any healthy relationship. Like is where it all begins…

Emeli Sande, “Breaking The Law”

UK singer/songwriter Emeli Sande really teems all of her heart and soul into this song. Passionate and evocative, the single is off her debut album Our Version Of Events and went double platinum in the UK. With dazzlers like these on the project, we’re not surprised.

“When you need to smile/ But you can’t afford it/Go on point it out/ I’m gonna steal it/ When the floor is more familiar than the ceiling/ I will break in late at night/ Shake up how you’re feeling…”

Lalah Hathaway, “You Were Meant For Me”

“Never thought I’d be so happy/ Loving you has made me feel so fine/ I can see my friends turn green with envy/ And every time I tell them/ I’m so glad you’re mine/You were meant for me…”
Isn’t this how everybody should feel on Valentine’s Day?

Nina Simone, “My Baby Just Cares For Me”

Perhaps a tad jazzy for a romantic playlist, but the lyrics are beautiful. A girl loves to be spoiled every now and again (I know I do!), and this should be the anthem. A classic.

Luther+Vandross++Mariah+CareyMariah Carey, “Endless Love” ft. Luther Vandross

Written by Lionel Richie, “Endless Love” was originally sung by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie himself back in 1981. Fourteen years later Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross’ version of this song crept up the charts and proved to be an international smash. It is the story of undying, unwavering love and is perfect for your Valentine’s Day playlist. The harmonies are breathtaking. Another classic.

Prince, “Forever In My Life”

How better to end a romantic playlist than with the word “forever.” This song is my favourite off Prince’s album Sign O’ The Times.  The song is about a man retiring his playa card’and wanting to settle down with the love of his life.

“Forever, baby I want you forever/I want to keep you for the rest of my life/All that’s wrong in my world you can make right/You are my savior, you are my light/Forever I want you in my life….

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—Ayara Pommells

Ayara Pommells is Owner of UK website and a music writer for, & Follow @YahYahNah.


  1. Better choice for Mariah Carey V-Day Song…

    New York in the house, Brooklyn in the house….

  2. Another Soul Train misfire…. this place needs a fact-checker

  3. Demi says:

    Lauryn Hill doesn’t Sing “I’m in Love with You”, It’s Erykah Badu

  4. BKW says:

    Can Michael Henderson & Jean Carne merit an honorable mention? (duet; “Valentine Love”)

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