Brandy – Not Going to Make Me Cry

brandy-norwood-bikini-inlineWhat do we have here? New Brandy music?!

Well, it may be old as details about this song are unknown, but the surfacing on the net of “Not Going to Make Me Cry” is still a treat for Brandy fans.

On B. Cox’s signature piano-lead production, we hear the singer-actress’ airy-yet-powerful vocals soar as she sings about staying strong in the face of a break up: “Imma stand up one my own two, do what I gotta do / Even if it’s without you, I ain’t gon let you make me cry,” the empowering chorus states.  Read more>>

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  1. TAZZ1 says:

    BRANDY? No thanks I’ll have longneck “BUD” while I’m “EATING” her!!!!!

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