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Paul D. JonesEntrepreneur, author, inspirational and motivational speaker Paul D. Jones is a man dedicated to helping others overcome a victim and poverty mentality. Growing up poor in Chicago and inspired by watching his mother rise above challenging circumstances, he uses the same methodology to teach people that they can become successful and debt-free, and live their lives to the fullest. Through his books, teachings and speaking engagements, Jones outlines the correct paths and plans one must take in order to build a secure and successful financial present and future.

Soultrain.com: Tell us about your new book, Schedule for Success.

Paul D. Jones: The main thing about Schedule for Success is that most people want more out of life, but they don’t know how to get it.  They don’t understand one simple basic point is to schedule it in your life. So a lot of times a lot of people talk the idea and speak the idea but they don’t implement a plan. I put together the spiritual principles behind scheduling and how basically it’s like a treasure map.  If you realize you want your life to be designed a certain way then write it down, make it clear, know exactly what you want, then start taking those daily steps. The first thing you do after you know what you want is to schedule it and to know exactly much time you actually have.

Soultrain.com: Your mother was your primary inspiration, right?

Paul D. Jones: My mother is one of the most incredible women on the planet to me. We don’t hear about people like my mother enough and I know that without her strictness and her belief in me, I wouldn’t be doing this interview right now. She showed me what love really looked like because my family and I never had money. She looked me in the eye as a young child with strict discipline and said, “You will respect your elders.” My mother always had a victorious mentality, not a victim’s mentality, and I want to mentor this strategy in my life as well.

Soultrain.com: You also said that although your father was absent in your life, your uncle was the guiding force that helped you to become a man.

Paul D. Jones: Exactly. I dedicated the book to my uncle. My uncle stepped up and grabbed me and my brothers and sisters under his wing. He is like my dad. I’m where I am today because of both my mother and uncle. For a long time I was going through life saying I didn’t have a father, but then I said to myself, ‘My uncle was always there.’ When I needed that manly love and manly advice, my uncle was there.

Soultrain.com: In your first book, Who Told You Who Were Broke, you challenge readers to turn their bad situations around.

Paul D. Jones: Who Told You Who Were Broke simply came about by listening to what people were saying. I was at a store and someone looked at the price of something and the person said, “I can’t afford that, I’m broke.” Everybody laughed and I said to myself, ‘That is not funny.’ It is not fun to be broke. But I realized that the statement goes deeper. My book asks the question, who told you that you had to stay broke?  Once someone starts speaking that is how their life is, they laugh, they joke about it and entertain it and accept it as fact when it is actually a lie. You’re not broke. Your knowledge and wisdom is what creates wealth. You are not down and out, you are just going through something. When you don’t have money in your pocket, never say you are broke, just say it is not in your budget right now. That means you may not be able to afford it today, but that doesn’t mean to count yourself out. If your spirit is broken, you are truly broke. We have to protect our spirit beings. When you don’t allow your spirit to be broken, you are sitting in the driver’s seat and you direct traffic on where you want your life to be.

Soultrain.com: Words are indeed powerful. What you speak can either affect you negatively or positively.

Paul D. Jones: That’s right. If you speak death and not life, your results are always dead. That’s what I am trying to make people realize.  We do have life and we can have it more abundantly if we tap into the real being of who we were made to be from the beginning.  We can say, “I am already wealthy,” and now as you get the inner wealth, the net worth on the outside will increase anyway.

Soultrain.com: You also operate JMG Net Worth and My Financial Worth. Can you explain further the services your companies provide?

Paul D. Jones: I decided to start my own company, JMG Net Worth, basing it on a principle of people having a net worth. In school today, everyone is taught about having an income, but income goes away. Net worth adds to you, it increases you. Net worth will prolong you from one recession to the next. But if your income goes away, you are done. So I really want people to understand the value of having a net worth. My other company, My Financial Worth, provides a personal credit care system, identity theft protection and restoration, tax advice and tax return and preparation, and a debt payoff plan to get people free of their interest-bearing debt. It’s a service I built for people who want to have better lives because I remember when my mother struggled. That is my mission in life: To improve as many lives as I can.

Soultrain.com: You’ve offered so many words of wisdom already, but what final word of wisdom do you want to share in this interview?

Paul D. Jones: Reactivate your dreams and go forward. Everyone has to have that main goal. Don’t listen to anyone negative. Look at that goal and say this is what I want to do. Put a plan in place and follow my directions, get the book Schedule for Success, which you can read in a few hours and take action in life.

For more information about Paul D. Jones and his businesses, visit the websites: www.paulyjones.com, www.myfinancialworth.com, www.jmgnetworth.com, and www.facebook.com/scheduleforsuccess.

-Stephen McMillian

Stephen McMillian is a journalist, writer, actor, filmmaker, former Soul Train dancer, Soul Train historian and soul music historian.

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