Happy New YOU Year!

A new year always bring hyped resolutions and a ”let’s get it” or “this is my year” type of attitude. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but along with expectancy comes planting and sewing. You cannot reap what you do not plant. The recycled clichés are only cool when accompanied by work. Whether you want to lose weight or simply live a better life, it requires some grinding and change. Don’t go cold turkey over night; start with small, slow and steady changes that are reasonably, attainable, because we all know it is almost impossible to change accustomed routine overnight. It is unhealthy and unrealistic. Remember, when it comes to healthy living, perfect moderation can be just as effective as complete abstinence.

Here are a few realistic changes to start off the new year!

Become and stay physically active.
You don’t have to be a gym rat to reap the benefits of physical activity. Just go for a walk! Try taking a 30-minute walk at least three times a week. Walking reduces low-density, lipoprotein also known as “bad” cholesterol. It releases hormones that improves your mood, improve heart health and trims your waistline.

Eat more living foods.
Minimize the processed, salty, caffeinated, sugary foods and drinks. Eat every two to three hours. And at least two balanced meals a day. These meals should consist of protein–whether animal- or plant-based, and complex carbs (veggies, fruit, whole grains, legumes and beans). This is crucial for weight loss goals. Eating often improves metabolism.

Make time for journaling, prayer and meditation. Read uplifting, inspirational and informative literature. Healthy living is not just a physical thing but it is the emerging of mind, body and spirit.

You are a reflection of what you eat, entertain and do. I’m not saying don’t enjoy life, but balance is key. The junk should never over shadow our healthy choices. We all make irrational decisions at times but it should never be often. If this is the case you will have a life filled with confusion. One huge bad choice can be fixed immediately, but a few small bad choices create bad habits that lead to unwanted drama, weight gain and chronic illness. Avoid the trouble and enjoy your changes. Embracing your changes breaks cycle and calls for permanent results. Affirm your goals now and have a Happy new YOU year!

–Coach P

Coach P is a Wellness Coach and Nutrition Expert from New Jersey. She is WEGO Health, Health Activist and a member of The American Nutrition Association. “Healthy living isn’t about perfection. It’s all about balance; besides, I appreciate cheat days.” – Coach P. Connect with her on Twitter @coachpcare and www.coachpcares.info.


  1. Monica says:

    Awesome article! I’m so motivated and inspired. Thank you Coach P.

  2. Monica says:

    Awesome article! I’m so motivated and inspired. Thank you Coach P.

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