’s New Year’s Eve Party Guide

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and whether you’ve got your plans set or trying to make last-minute arrangements, one thing is certain: There are a few big-night-out essentials you can’t leave home without.  So to ensure that you’re ringing in 2013 on a high-note, breaks down its 10 NYE must-haves.


OK, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way first. We’re not condoning excessive alcohol intake on the last night of 2012. But we are condoning drinking responsibly and affordably, and if that means bringing along some of your own liquid courage, then more power to you. So we recommend ditching the airport bottles and upgrading to a fashionable flask. It’ll provide you with a bit of discretion and with something you have the ability to match with the ridiculously fly outfit you’ll be rocking that night.


So this is probably a no-brainer, but it’s vital that you make sure you’ve stocked up on some cash when the boozing and fun starts. The last thing you want to be forced to do is stumble your way to an ATM when there will be tons and tons of fellow lushes trying to find some moolah as well. Don’t carry too much with you (for obvious safety reasons), but make sure that you have at least enough for a few drinks at the bar and a cab ride home.


We understand that purse space, especially on a night like New Year’s Eve, can be limited, so that is why we suggest being wise with which make-up tools you decide to carry along. Q-tips may not be the most conventional of choices, but trust us, when the eye liner starts smearing and lipstick goes astray, a Q-tip can be an effective way of cleaning up your appearance while not taking up too much room in your cute clutch. Wet the end of it for an even more effective way of pretty-ing up.

Fully-charged Phone

Again, another somewhat obvious addition to your NYE arsenal, but definitely worth a mention. While we doubt that people will leave their iPhones at home, we aren’t entirely confident in everyone’s ability to remember to charge those bad boys up. Given the wonderful chaos of NYE, it’s vital that you have a way to not only get a hold of friends you may be trying to meet up with, but also that you have a way of calling a cab if partying has knocked you on your behind.


If you’re anything like us, then some sky-high stilettos are definitely in the cards for NYE. And by the time the clock strikes midnight, you can be sure that your feet will start yelling at you and there isn’t enough champagne in the world that will make them simmer down. So might we suggest making some room in your bag for a pair of disposable flats. Granted, they’re not the most stylish of things but they’ll certainly make your feet feel much, much better so you can continue with the debauchery!


This is a definite must come NYE, when weather concerns should be at the top of your mind. While an umbrella would be the best protection against inclement weather, it also takes up a bunch of room in your already crowded pursue. So a scarf, which can easily be stuffed into a tight space, would be the next best choice and give you at least some protection against a passing shower or a few snow flurries.

Hair Gel

On the off chance that your scarf salvation doesn’t help to preserve your NYE do, travel size hair gel is an absolute must. A dab of gel can not only help you tame a few fly-away strands, but can also spruce up those dry ends.

Back-up Plan

OK, so this isn’t exactly something that will fit in your purse come NYE, but it’s something that we firmly believe you should be armed with. Sure if you have purchased tickets to an event, you’re pretty much assured a place in there, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have a great time or that you’ll want to stay all night. It can never hurt to have a back-up location or party that you know you can swing by if NYE isn’t turning out exactly as planned.


Travel-sized toothpaste is a must-have for any night out, but particularly New Year’s Eve when you’re bound to swap spit with at least one other person. Keep it fresh, ya’ll. Keep it fresh.

Be Safe

Again, not exactly something you can tuck away in your bag, but it’s absolutely essential that regardless of all the chaos and craziness that the holiday brings you remember that it’s safety first. Have fun but please use your head!

Happy Holidays!

–Amanda Younger

Amanda Younger is a freelance writer and web producer based in New York City. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including Time Out New York,, YourTango and Follow her on Twitter @ayounger45.

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