Trick or Treat: 10 Hip-Hop-Inspired Costumes

Scrambling for a last-minute Halloween costume? Never fear, is here! Whether you’re looking to go all out or hoping to piece something together on the cheap, there are a number of creative hip-hop-inspired ensembles you can throw on. Here is our list of some of the best.

Nicki Minaj 

If Nicki Minaj wasn’t made for Halloween, we don’t know who was. Her colorful wardrobe, ever-changing tresses and wildly entertaining personality lend themselves well to being replicated for All Hallow’s Eve. To put this one together, we suggest going the Pink Friday route. Don a bright pink wig (bob haircut, of course), grab some long, fake eyelashes, and employ a makeup palette that errs on the side of pastel. As for what you’ll want to wear, we suggest finding a girly mini-dress that isn’t shy in the cleavage department. Pair it with some chunky jewelry to complete the look.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z 

The first of three couples looks we’ll profile, Beyoncé and Jay-Z could be a fun, easy one to tackle this Halloween. For Beyoncé, it’s all glam, all the time. Select a sexy freakum dress, strap on some sky-high heels and get some luxurious, loose curls going. Grab a fake Blue Ivy for good measure. As for Hova, might we suggest the requisite shades, dark denims and fly sneakers. Toss on a Brooklyn Nets T-shirt for a little something extra.

Brooklyn Nets Dancer

In going along with the Jay-Z/Barclay’s theme, why not get your sexy going as a Brooklyn Nets dancer? Sure, being an NBA dancer might not be the most original costume idea, but have you seen the outfits Jay’s ladies are rocking? Pretty damn stylish!


Now there are a few options here: You could do old-school, I-still-wear-normal-clothes Rihanna, or you can think outside the box. For our purposes, we prefer pant-less RiRi. We suggest picking up or making some high-waisted cutoffs and pairing those with some sexy fishnet stockings. A colorful crop top adds a little Bohemian flare, while a cluster of bangles helps pull this look together. Keep the hair simple, curly ideally, and emphasize a red lip and minimal eye makeup.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

This is another easy one to pull off. For Kimmy K., it’s obviously all about emphasizing those kurves. So get yourself a tight-fitting bodycon dress or wear your shiniest spandex leggings. Stilettos are a must, as is a long, black wig. Definitely amp up the sexy with your make-up choices as well, and if you think you’ve already put too much on, be sure to add just a little more. For Yeezy, grab some shades, toss on a sleek, black leather jacket and squeeze into some skinny jeans. An air of superiorority is also a must.

Chris Brown

This is certainly the most controversial selection on our list, but with a neck tattoo as atrocious as the one Chris Brown is sporting, how can you not poke a little fun at him? You’ll want to break out the bleach for this one. Some painfully light denim jeans and possibly a matching jacket are a must. As for the best way to recreate his tat, might we suggest spending a little extra and using a site like Straytats ( to design a temporary tattoo that will bring your look to the next level.

Pregnant Amber Rose

It may not be the sexiest of costume choices, but if you’re looking to make a bold statement, not very many things could beat a pregnant Amber Rose. Grab a too tight top, a big ol’ belly, and a cap to give that buzzed haircut look.

Ice-T and Coco

The last of our couples costumes, Ice-T and Coco is definitely a fun Halloween theme to tackle. This one relies on accessories more than anything else. Form-fitting clothes will certainly help elevate Coco’s look, but a bright, blonde wig and a lot of makeup is key. If Coco’s superhuman curves don’t resemble your own, don’t think hope is lost. A little butt padding can go a long way. For Ice, shades, a toothpick and Coco by your side is all you really need.

James Harden

That beard, that attitude! If you’re looking for a more sports’ themed costume, might we suggest emulating this particular baller. Tossing on a Thunder, oh excuse me, Rockets jersey is obviously the most important part, but getting a wonderfully bushy beard is also crucial. If you can get a gaggle of groupies to follow you around throughout the night, that’s a great additional accessory.

Lil’ Wayne

Weezy is a tried and true costume choice for Halloween. Some braids, a few strategically placed tats, and you’re good to go.

–Amanda Younger

Amanda Younger is a freelance writer and web producer based in New York City. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including Time Out New York,, YourTango and Follow her on Twitter @ayounger45.

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