Karyn White Talks ‘Carpe Diem’, Today’s Music Industry, Being The First Toni Braxton, More

“Now is the time. Every second counts. Every minute is valuable and precious. It’s a blessing from God, you gotta get it. So seize the day,” Ms. Karyn White says, ending our conversation on an inspirational note. The entire chat was uplifting, as she talks about her life with passion and zest. After enduring a medical scare, her new album after 17 years, “Carpe Diem” (Latin for “seize the day”), is a direct expression of where she is in her life; with her daughter attending Howard University; she’s the entrepreneur of three businesses and has rediscovered her passion for music.

Known for her 1988 hit “Superwoman,” the singer took a break from music after her third album, 1994’s “Make Him Do Right.” Now at age 47, Karyn is looking better than ever and living everyday like it’s the last, trying new things and pursuing her heart’s desires; the video for her first single “Seize the Day” is a testament to that. Read more>> 

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