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Innovative business executive and media personality Elevated Scott understands that his international dealings in both the recording and marketing industries have landed him in elite company. Born Scott McDowell, the Maryland native’s newest digital venture, x101Jamz.com, broadcasts from Daddy’s House Studios, Sean “Diddy” Combs’ legendary Times Square recording facility. Not surprisingly, Scott encountered one of his many mogul peers recently while there in the New York establishment. “I’m in the lobby signing in and Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams [of Cash Money Records] is beside me,” he says with laugh. “There’s a lot of history in that building.”

Scott has been building steadily, using graciousness as the center piece of his growing digital empire.  The foundation: independent artists from around the world and solid connections with marquee brands and chart-topping artists. His internationally acclaimed Global Attack Mixtape series set the tone; X101Jamz along with MixTapeSeries.com and International-HipHop.com are striking tremendous vocal cords. Scott works tirelessly and diligently to ensure the artists he supports around the globe–and his vision–are seen and heard as clearly as a new building erecting in Manhattan.

Elevated Scott talks about his plan for making history in this exclusive interview with SoulTrain.com.

SoulTrain.com: Scott, you stepped into the spotlight as a true game changer with the Global Attack Mixtape series.

Elevated Scott: I’m contacted by so many artists from so many different parts of the world; from the UK, Africa, Spain, Canada, Italy, Ireland, and Asia just to name a few. I thought about the great job being done with the Coast 2 Coast mixtape series, but decided to go outside the box by going global since I do have relationships with talent internationally. And with all original music it’s great to have all these artists come together on one project, and it was something that had never been done before.

SoulTrain.com: But now you appear to be changing the game of your own game.

Elevated Scott: Yeah, more or less. Starting out it was a lot of trial and error. Now I’ve switched the entire Global Attack Mixtape from just featuring artists on a mixtape to providing a complete marketing program for each Global Attack artist.

SoulTrain.com: You were already providing them prime exposure. How have you improved this by changing it?

Elevated Scott: We provide them with website features, radio interviews and spins, record pool blasts to 60,000 DJs, and we have digital and physical distribution in which the artists earn royalties. Then of course there’s my newest digital property, MixTapeSeries.com, where we host, promote and review artists’ mixtapes.

SoulTrain.com: Why does the international market seem more open-minded when it comes to how music is presented?

Elevated Scott: Everyone in America sees the glitz and glam of pop culture, and some of the benefits certain artists are able to acquire. Everybody tries to gravitate toward what they’ve done. Not everyone can be a pop singer. Every rapper can’t be the next Jay-Z or Lil Wayne.

SoulTrain.com: Those artists are regarded as measuring sticks. So up-and-comers feel they need to be just like them.

Elevated Scott: Yeah, but these international artists have a niche, a very unique style or sound. They have great things they can offer their fans, proving they really appreciate music. It’s part of their culture. Here in America it’s so oversaturated it’s hard to really develop a true fan base for one particular artist. Too many people want the same things. But in the end true talent rises.

SoulTrain.com: With all the travel and networking you do outside the States, how do you handle security? Not everyone is friendly to Americans – their businesses or ideas.

Elevated Scott: Security is easy. I always hire great guys to make sure everybody is safe. From a PR standpoint you can’t make everybody happy. I’m well aware of that. Everybody’s collecting haters. If you don’t have haters then you’re not doing something right.

SoulTrain.com: Even with a positive approach like yours negativity is unavoidable?

Elevated Scott: I always expect to have some negativity involved. I’m not looking to please everybody. That’s unrealistic. I’m looking to attract people who understand my global vision, and people who want to get involved with a movement on a larger level. If some people don’t understand the vision, well, we appreciate the support of those who do.

SoulTrain.com: You’ve secured a prime location in Daddy’s House Recording Studios for X101Jamz.com. As an executive with so many notable accolades already, one who looks to provide so much for others, what’s the initial reward for you?

Elevated Scott: The initial reward for me is to continue to build my portfolio so I can one day look back and look upon all the steps I’ve taken and imagined, and be thankful I was able to make history. I’ve been involved with Island Def Jam, Konvict Muzic, and I worked with XBOX Live on the College Lacrosse video game. Now I’m stoked to be calling Bad Boy studios home base for my network! X101Jamz has me pumped! I’m helping to give indie artists major opportunities!

Elevated Scott: Wait: How did you end up involved with a lacrosse video game?

SoulTrain.com: I have a background in lacrosse. Being from Baltimore, I came up in a very lacrosse-rich area. I was a college lacrosse player. I have a lot of friends who continue to play at high levels. Some of them are sponsored by Nike and have their own lacrosse equipment lines. They’re really doing their thing in the sport. There’s a college lacrosse game for XBOX Live, and for the 2011 edition I did some of the music supervision and got some of my friends aligned. That was a no-brainer with my background and relationships with some of the game’s greatest players.

SoulTrain.com: Lacrosse is a very aggressive sport. Do you think your background with it helped you be more aggressive with your business tactics?

Elevated Scott: Absolutely! If it wasn’t for lacrosse I might not be here talking with you today! Without it I never would have been able to get an education. I would have never been able to make the types of connections I have in the business world. I’ve developed these connections through being able to gain employment, from having an education, and being involved in certain types of circles. Lacrosse has a ton to do with the type of person I am today.

SoulTrain.com: What are you hoping people will learn from your many music and digital ventures?

Elevated Scott: Honestly, the biggest thing to learn is there’s great music being made some places in the world that may not have great exposure outlets. It’s basically our job to support these talents, to keep an open mind to understanding there’s some great music out there. We need to open our eyes and not be so closed-minded. Great music is being made every hour of the day.

SoulTrain.com: With global intentions do you believe music can influence unity?

Elevated Scott: Absolutely! There’s a lot of leverage between what an artist says in a song and what they’re feeling. Having songs and being able to relate to someone’s music is something I really think is powerful and moving. It can definitely bring people together, without a doubt.

SoulTrain.com: Besides what you do for a living, how much of your personal life actually involves music?

Elevated Scott: Honestly, this is pretty much all that I do – 24/7!  Without music I wouldn’t be able to live the lifestyle I like to live. I’m always either listening to music or sending a track; there’s so many things going on it’s hard to keep up! Without music I don’t know what I’d do!

Connect with Elevated Scott on Twitter @ELv8scott, and visit X101Jamz.com, MixTapeSeries.com, International-HipHop.com, GlobalAttackMixtapes.com, and ConcertShowPromotion.com.

–Mr. Joe Walker

Mr. Joe Walker, a senior contributor for SoulTrain.com, is an acclaimed entertainment and news journalist published thousands of times regionally, nationally, internationally, and online. Former Editor In Chief of both XPOZ Magazine and The Underwire Interactive Magazine, his work has graced the pages and covers of Hear/Say Now Magazine, Notion Magazine, Kalamazoo Gazette Newspaper, MLive.com, and AllHipHop.com. He loves to create, loves that you read. Follow him on Twitter @mrjoewalker. Also visit TheGrooveSpt.com and ByMrJoeWalker.blogspot.com.

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