Listen to the Voices in Your Head

Have you ever thought something through and realized you were thinking too hard?  When we think about our decisions, other factors tend to play into our choices.  We start to consider all the elements, despite the fact that one may have nothing to do with the other.

Thinking is overrated.

Why think about the right choices when you can feel your way towards them?  Yes, those corny quotes like “Listen to your heart” are actually true.  There’s no need for a pro/con list or to discuss it with friends.  Going with our gut feeling is usually the best route.  Our intuition already knows all the other aspects of our life and will communicate the right answer in the form of a gut feeling or a small voice in your head.

Listen to it!  It can usually guide you through a plethora of choices.

When we’re looking for love, we might find someone who is great on paper – successful career, intelligent, good with kids, the list goes on – but it would never mean a thing without any chemistry.  And that can’t be found on paper.  It comes only from a feeling that says, “This is it!” or “Run!”.  What’s love without that heart-fluttering feeling?

In school, we always want to choose a major that guarantees a career filled with money and growth.  Unfortunately, that field is not where some of us are meant to be.  That doesn’t mean we’ll be shortchanged.  It is what it is.

If we love to do something and work at it, success will come in its own way.  But dedicating your life to something that was done for calculated reasons just doesn’t work.  You can’t hide a lack of passion, and you surely can’t make yourself feel something that is not really there.

And if your heart’s not in it, is it truly worth all that work?  I’d rather happily struggle in a career I love and work towards making it there than go to a “respected” job that I dread everyday.

Kelly Cutrone, CEO of People’s Revolution, has made some major decisions by following her intuition.  As she describes in her book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, she accomplished one dream after the next by what some may call fumbling around aimlessly.  In actuality, Cutrone did it by listening to the voices in her head and following that guidance.  Your subconscious already knows what you want before your mind even realizes it.

True success can only come from taking chances.  Live your dream, do what you love, and your work will reflect that desire.  The first step is to let your intuition guide you to that place.

We’re all here for a purpose and we all want to make our mark in this world, but we can’t all follow the same path because it looks good on paper or it is an esteemed position.  Instead, each of us can feel our way to our respective paths by listening to our inner voice.  Whether or not you choose to hear it is completely up to you.

But in order for your voice be heard, you must be the first to listen to it.

–Zoey FLowers

Zoey Flowers is a shamelessly eclectic, music-loving, zen-meditating freelance journalist.  She has written for major magazines and online publications about Hip-Hop, Holistic Lifestyles, and the Music Industry.  For more features, check Zoey at or follow her on Twitter @ZoeyFlowers.


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