Enjoy Your Life Off the Grid

Remember when playing outside was the best thing in the world?  We didn’t need any iPods, iPads, cell phones, or laptops; we just needed those wide open spaces.  Well, I’m bringing those times back!

This is a project–a project to enjoy entertainment, but not at the expense of time that could be spent on more precious things.  I’m not completely cutting myself off the grid, but I have decided to drastically reduce my time on the electronics (television, computer, phone, tablet).  Sigh, I’m twitching already. 

After a long day of work, school, or errands, it just seems so simple to lie on the couch and veg out.  But as nice as it feels, zoning out by staring at a screen doesn’t fix anything.  It just takes our mind off of what’s really going on (and basically numbs it).

After a long day, I have learned effective, yet active, relaxation techniques to help anyone unwind.  Taking a walk is one of my favorites, especially around a lake or on the beach.  For those days you’re feeling extra sluggish, walking to the nearest store to buy a magazine or that smoothie you love can be a motivating tool.

I know the last thing any of us really wants to do after working all day is to work out, but hear me out on this one.  Simply meditating is a workout in itself, and focusing on something as simple as your breathing truly relieves tension.  I also can’t preach this enough – yoga is an amazing way to rejuvenate!

If you have kids, have them do some poses with you.  Teach them to meditate.  Take them along for the walk.  Just don’t believe they won’t do it.  If your children see the joy these activities brings to you, they tend to share that love.

I find myself freed up with a considerable amount of time by merely not turning on an electronic device.

Rather than watching television while eating take-out, now I’ll walk to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for dinner.  My son loves to cook (or make a mess) with me. Yes, there are times he also requests Spongebob (I don’t get it either), but a little television is just fine.  The important thing is he truly enjoys our activities much more than just sitting in front of a TV, and that’s beneficial for the both of us.

I have found a slight loophole.  There are times I’ll wake up early to take care of my indulgent internet needs, such as reading the gossip columns (guilty!), checking the social media sites (guilty, again!), and reading various articles/news (Hello, SoulTrain.com!).  If I don’t wake up early enough, then I just don’t indulge.  There are times I’ll even replace that indulgence with sun salutations (I feel always feel better after that!).

In a world that is literally at your fingertips, there is such a thing as being too connected.  Keeping up is fine, but don’t let it take over your world.  I’ve learned I would prefer to get in touch with my own soul than keep up with everyone else’s world.  Reaching a higher level of who I am definitely starts with some alone time…without those electronics.  Rather than depriving myself, taking these items away has actually made me feel better.

My life seems richer now that I’ve powered down off the grid.  Why live life through a screen when we can live as freely as we did when we were kids?

 –Zoey Flowers

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