Reality Works: 10 Reality Shows We Want to See

TV One’s new hit show R&B Divas has the world paying attention once again to Rhythm and Blues. Drawing over 1 million viewers in its first week, there are plans to expand the show into different areas. We’ve comprised a list of the top ten R&B reality shows we want to see.

R&B Divas (Starring Lyfe Jennings, Dave Hollister, Donell Jones, Carl Thomas, and Jaheim)

We’re seeing the lives of some of R&B’s top women play out on TV. Now it’s the guys’ turn. Five of the greatest soul singers from the past 20 years give us a peek into their lives as they balance careers, fatherhood, and an industry that has somewhat cast the male R&B singer to the side.

RE-Making The Band with Dr. Drew (Starring Day26, Brutha, Total, Lucy Pearl, and City High)

Singing groups haven’t had it easy over the last few years. Slowing sales, group members going solo, and in some cases, relationships within the group have made it hard for R&B ensembles. Perhaps Dr. Drew, best known for helping celebrities kick their drug habits, can bring the once great groups back together for chart dominance. There’s nothing like walking to Junior’s to get some cheesecake for the good doctor, to bring a group back together.

Keke’s Kids

R&B singer Keke Wyatt is definitely one of the standouts of R&B Divas. One thing that has been the talk of the town is the fact that she has six kids. As talented as Keke is, one can only wonder if some of that superb singing has trickled down to her offspring. Could we be looking at the next Jackson 5…or six?

I Wanna Work For L.A.

No disrespect to Diddy or the Donald, but the world needs to see how to promote an R&B record. The next group of executives to be showcased should be under the tutelage of none other than R&B juggernaut Antonio “L.A.” Reid. His past with acts like TLC, Usher, Toni Braxton, Ne-Yo, and Rihanna make him the perfect mogul to model after in this R&B world. Throw in a few appearances by Clive Davis and you’ve got yourself a show!

Friday’s Best

There aren’t that many artists who can get the party started like the great R. Kelly, but in this reality competition, Kells mentors two of the best party starters in the business: Cupid (“Cupid Shuffle”) and Mr. C (“The Cha Cha Slide”). The Pied Piper will pit these two hit makers against each other to see who can craft the next “First Fridays” anthem.

SOUL Survivor (Starring Luke James, Elle Varner, Daley, Melanie Fiona, and Chrisette Michele)

What happens when you take the newest generation of soul singers and drop them on a deserted island? Romance, fights, comedy, and a LOT of singing!

Hell’s Studio

So as fans of music we often hear only the finished product that is the song. What we don’t get to see are the masters of the boards. The job of the recording engineer is often a thankless job with no glory, but under the guidance none other than Diddy, 5 studio engineers will be placed in the forefront to show that they are truly the stars of the music business.

Sister SOULdiers

Anyone who has followed TV One’s R&B Divas has recently seen soul diva Syleena Johnson and her sisters Syleecia and Sylette. The on-air chemistry of these sisters would make for a great spin off. The daughters of the Rhythm and Blues legend Syl Johnson certainly have the pedigree and experience to show the world some real soul.

True Life: I Wanna Be an R&B Star

Everyone at one point in life has taken the stage in their room, brush in hand, with an audience of stuffed animals waiting to be entertained. True Life chronicles the lives of several aspiring singers in their quest to become the next superstars of soul.

Charm School

I know what you’re saying–there’s nothing new to the name.  But this time instead of taking on reality show rejects, Charm School gives seven new artists something that the music industry hasn’t given in a long time: Artist development. This Motown-esque finishing school would be governed by the originator of hip-hop soul himself, Andre Harrell. The winner would be granted a recording contract with Harrell’s company Harrell Records.

-Nick Eden

Nick Eden is a songwriter/blogger/R&B junkie based out of Atlanta, GA. Experience his love for Rhythm and Blues at, and follow him on Twitter @nickeden.






  1. I love it! Funny post, Nick!

  2. S. Reed says:

    Great article! I would LOVE to see the R & B Diva’s (male edition). The L.A. Reid show would be a hit too. Many people see all the flash of the music biz but don’t have a realistic view of what it really takes to be a producer. Would make for a very interesting show. I’d definitely tune in.

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