Laura Izibor Talks Brooklyn, Performing With Legends, Adele and More

Laura Izibor is focused and understands what it takes to deliver a genuine sound that just feels right. Yes, Ms. Izabor understands that feeling that so many R&B and Soul artist are lacking. Maybe its because she is so down to earth. Singersroom had the pleasure of speaking with The “From My Heart To Yours” hitmaker about live music recording, Brooklyn, Maxwell and Soul music.

Laura Enters … Good day! (Sexy Irish accent)

Live Love … Brooklyn Sessions is a live recording, just me and my players; my band. Albums sometimes take longer than you intend, there’s a real class making albums so the thought of making an EP with freedom and no juicer is really liberating. It’s so nice to just go in a room and just press record and just play to your heart’s intent and that’s what we did and I think you can hear that and the people in the room just had that love for music and just freedom. That’s what I’m kind of hoping the continuation of Brooklyn Sessions will be. Kinda way they did it back in the day, just put down some songsRead more>> 

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