Exclusive First Look: Hi-Five’s “My Favorite Girl”

The 1990s were an era of boy bands, and that era includes the platinum-selling group R&B group Hi-Five. The group had chart-topping hits such as “I Like the Way (The Kissing Game),” “Quality Time,” and “I Can’t Wait Another Minute.”  The group disbanded in the mid 90s with talks of reuniting over 10 years later, but then the unthinkable happened: Lead singer Tony Thompson passed away in 2007.

After several years, the group is back with a sense of renewal. After two decades and the addition of two new members, the group released their new song, “My Favorite Girl,” earlier this summer.

Treston Irby, Shannon Gill, Marcus Sanders, Faruq Evans, and Dre Wonda are giving fans an exclusive first look only on of their new video for the song “My Favorite Girl.”  The song  and video are both very reminiscent of the 90s.  Treston Irby says, “ The ‘Favorite Girl’ video gives fans the traditional Hi-Five style dance moves, and 90s R&B sound with a new flavor for 2012.”

Check out the video for “My Favorite Girl.”

-Shameika Rene’

Shameika Rene’ is a journalist of all trades. She can usually be found producing television news and writing for various websites such as Charlotte Vibe, Creative Loafing, or her own site, She’s also a special guest contributor on The Social Hour on Urban Soul Radio. Follow her on Twitter @mofochronicles.

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