Revive Your Hair After a Summer in the Sun

This summer was a doozy, right? There were BBQs, weekends at the beach, and sightseeing with your girls. All the sun and salt water have probably done a number on your hair, opening up your strands, allowing for moisture to escape. But help is on the way! It’s pretty simple to revive your hair after all of your fun in the sun this summer.

Though most of the following suggestions are things that you can do alone, the first tip is to pay a visit to your trusted stylist to make sure that your ends don’t need to be trimmed. Split ends can make hair look damaged and frizzy. That’s certainly no good.

You can brighten up dull, dry looking strands with a hydrating spray like Carol’s Daughter Tui Moisturizing Hair Sheen. Be sure that you’re drinking enough water, too. You can hydrate from the inside out.

Another way to hydrate your hair is to apply a deep conditioner weekly.  After shampooing with a sulfate-free formula (they don’t strip your hair of its natural oils), apply a deep conditioner like Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair After Sun Daily Mask.

You can even apply the conditioner over night during a long weekend, like say, Labor Day Weekend for extra deep conditioning season. It can be your kick-start to healthier hair in the fall. Sound like a plan?

–Channing Hargrove

Channing Hargrove is a style writer just trying to make it to New York City. Want to follow her on her journey? Visit her site Channing in The City or follow her on Twitter @chan_inthecity.

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