Producer’s Corner: DJ Kemit

It’s no secret that the true money in the music business is behind the scenes. For former Arrested Development member DJ Kemit, he can attest to this first hand. Having crafted hits for many, including soul crooner Anthony David, Kemit is stepping from behind the scenes with his debut solo album Everlasting. profiles this highly in demand producer/DJ.

The past two weeks have been explosive for producer/artist Kevin “DJ Kemit” Hyman. His new album Everlasting entered the Billboard Top 200 Charts at #182, quite an accomplishment for an independent artist with no radio singles. Make no mistake about it: DJ Kemit is no newcomer to the industry. In fact, he is currently celebrating his 20th anniversary as a DJ, artist, and producer. Unlike most of your average artists, Kemit chose to let his voice be heard on this album through his production. He enlisted some of soul music’s elite to give further life to the project, including Eric Roberson, Frank McComb, N’Dambi, and others.

When not producing for his own project, Kemit is crafting hits for many different artists. In reference to his hit single “4evermore” for singer Anthony David, Kemit explains that the song was originally intended as hip-hop collaboration between the aforementioned Anthony David and singer Eric Roberson. It eventually became a number one R&B single, and an instant wedding anthem.

DJ Kemit describes his sound as house, soul, hip-hop, jazz, Afrobeat, “and then some.” His versatility as a producer allowed him to collaborate with producer Justin Chapman, aka “JustOne,” to form the group KemeticJust. Together they have released over a dozen projects nationally and internationally, and positioned themselves comfortably at the forefront of the house music genre.

Though to many DJ Kemit’s new album may be their first known offering, in actuality it is the next chapter of an astonishing career that has spanned 20 years. To describe his career in one word: Everlasting.

-Nick Eden

Nick Eden is a songwriter/blogger/R&B junkie based out of Atlanta, GA. Experience his love for Rhythm and Blues at, and follow him on Twitter @nickeden.



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