Thursday Throwback – The Pointer Sisters

The Pointer Sisters sometimes get lost in the shuffle of “girl groups” from back in the day, but the ladies from Oakland, CA have been hitting the charts since the release of their self-titled debut album in 1973 with the single “Yes We Can Can.”  Their style was a unique combination of soul, pop, jazz, blues and even country.  Their second album That’s A Plenty included the song “Fairytale,” a country-tinged tune which made it to number thirteen on the pop chart and number thirty-seven on the country chart, and earned the sisters their first Grammy Award.  That’s A Plenty was such a hit with the country crowd that The Pointer Sisters were invited to perform at The Grand Ole Opry, becoming the first African American vocal group to do so, as well as becoming the first contemporary group to perform at the San Francisco Opera House.  In 1976, they hit the big screen as “The Wilson Sisters” when they teamed up with Richard Pryor in the feature film “Car Wash.”  Two years later, the sisters hit the charts with “Fire,” a song written by rocker Bruce Springsteen.  The 1980s proved to be The Pointer Sisters’ decade with the release of hit’s like “He’s So Shy” and “Slow Hand.” In 1982, they released a cover of Prince’s “I Feel For You,” before Chaka Khan made it a megahit a couple of years later.  In 1983, they released the album Break Out which is a must-have for any 80s music fan.  The album contained the hits “Jump (For My Love),” “Automatic,” and a single that was also included on the soundtrack of the feature film Beverly Hills Cop, “Neutron Dance.”  The album was re-released in 1984 to include a previous hit, “I’m So Excited.”  Break Out was a multi-platinum hit, making it to the top ten on the pop and r&b charts and earned the group two Grammy Awards and two American Music Awards.  Founding member, June Pointer, passed away in 2006, but her sisters Ruth and Anita continue to please audiences across the globe.  Joined by Ruth’s granddaughter Sadako, The Pointer Sisters remain in demand and continue to tour, entertaining audiences with their unmatchable style and memorable hits.

 –Montrose Cunningham

Montrose Cunningham is an independent funk/rock/soul artist and devoted music aficionado residing in Dallas, Texas. When he isn’t digging through the crates–digital and analog–he’s jamming with his band or hanging with his daughter, sometimes at the same time. Purchase his latest release “Inertia” at, visit him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter @MontroseC.

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