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Alabama singer /songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Clinton Babers II has a lot of claims to fame. As a member of the famed Joe Brooks Trio, Babers has toured the world several times over. In addition to that he serves as the music director to R&B singer Tyrese’s protégé Leon Timbo. Recently stepping out as a solo artist, Clinton Babers II became one of the newest BET Music Matters artists. Soul profiles this musician’s musician. 

Clinton Babers II draws his inspiration from soul music of the past. Growing up in a musical family, it was that environment that drew him to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Lou Rawls. Taking a cue from his musical idols, Babers learned an impressive 17 instruments to add to his repertoire. When asked how he had the drive to learn all of those different skill sets, he simply states, “I didn’t decide….It chose me….This is what God purposed me to do.” Clinton Babers II gives a nostalgic feeling when you hear his soulful baritone. Drawing in the spirits of such soul greats as Donny Hathaway and Curtis Mayfield, the conviction of Babers’ lyrics and delivery immediately grasp those in his presence. It was that passion and energy that landed him in New York City this past spring, as the members of the BET Music Matters campaign invited him to do a showcase.

One of the more impressive facts about Babers is that his passion for music is not just in the studio or on stage, but in the classroom. In the time that he is not on the road, Clinton lends his talents to the next generation of musicians as the assistant band director at Ramsey High School in Birmingham, AL. While most in his position wouldn’t split their time as a performer and educator, Clinton states, “My soul lives for music, and my heart beats for children.”

In today’s times, there aren’t many truly gifted musicians at the forefront of the music industry. The emergence of Clinton Babers II may just change that. With an upcoming fall tour with the Joe Brooks Trio, an album by his mentor Leon Timbo, and his own upcoming debut, Clinton Babers II may just be the cream that rises to the top of soul music’s new elite.

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-Nick Eden

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