Anita Baker Gears Up for New Album, Talks Merging Old with the New

After seven years, new music from R&B favorite Anita Baker is on its way. The Detroit-raised singer-songwriter is preparing for the release of “Only Forever,” Baker’s first studio album in seven years. Judging from the first single “Lately,” Baker’s voice is still in fine, buttery condition, melting even the toughest of person’s hearts and filling it with that warm, loving feeling.

Expect the album’s sound to have a throwback feel mixed with a modern format; Baker says she used both analog and digital technology. “I just had this concept of walking into a digital universe with an analog heart [on Only Forever],” Baker tells The BoomBox. “So we’re kind of marrying the two. I started cutting analog down in Nashville, and once I knew what we were gonna do, we bounced it over to the digital format so that the 21st century producers like Harvey Mason, Jr., could manipulate it,” she explained. “I was just very focused on getting some analog energy in there somewhere. So it’s a lovely bridge that I’m trying to build tech-wise as well as musically.” Read more>>

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