We’ve all made mistakes in our lives.  It’s what makes us human, but if we pay attention to learn the lesson, our slip-ups can also be a blessing in disguise.

Okay, I’m sure we’re all not searching for a deeper meaning as our #EpicFail is taking place.  But there’s always time to think about it afterwards.

After some research mixed with a tad of nosiness, I have discovered some of the greatest epic fails that were actually not.

Creativity Always Trumps Memorization in the Real World.  

I’m sure the photo doesn’t scream success at this moment, but I have a feeling whoever answered these questions will do brilliantly in his or her future.  When it comes to finding your calling, there are no right answers, only self-made ones.  Epic Fail, but I predict a soon-to-be success story.

“Hold up, Taylor. I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but…”

Okay, so perhaps there was no real silver lining here for Kanye, but I think we can all agree the victim was really Taylor Swift.  How could she not win our love after watching her stand awkwardly on stage during Kanye’s…speech?  Sure, her MTV moment was a tad flawed, but she definitely made up for it with all the support she received (and those record sales!) In the end, Kanye also came out alright, and as we all saw on the BET Awards, Jay-Z got a nice prank out of that one.  And Kanye now seems to be unruffled with that MTV moment as he recently tweeted, “Yo Britney, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z single is one of the best songs of all time! LOL”  

Ricky Wiliams: Yoga master and healer.  

We all know him as the dread-locked Miami Dolphins player that failed the NFL urine test (for the fourth time), but the former running back is starting so fresh and so clean.  The smooth-shaven Williams is now finishing his premed degree, and has become quite a guru in the field of holistic healing, holding sessions in Access Consciousness.  He is also a yoga master and as someone who has watched him practice, I can vouch that Ricky Williams is quite the yogi!  Now that’s how you turn an #EpicFail into a blessing in disguise!

Ah, Twitter.

The social media site that led to an Olympian being expelled from the 2012 Olympics in London and countless celebrity twitter wars – all just by letting people type whatever they please.  It’s just too much pressure!  Giving people the power to say whatever they please with no holds barred leads to a lot of lessons to be learned.  Even though there are countless Twitter #EpicFails, I would have to go with Martha Stewart’s (that’s right) simple tweet, “Do you think I am hip?” Hip, huh?  I can dig it.  But I think this #EpicFail is all in the mindset.  If you can handle those Twitter answers/RTs, then you can escape the #EpicFail scenario to simply learn what other’s opinions are.  Just as long as we keep in mind ours is the only one that counts.

 –Zoey Flowers

Zoey Flowers is a shamelessly eclectic, music-loving, zen-meditating freelance journalist.  She has written for major magazines and online publications about Hip-Hop, Holistic Lifestyles, Technology, and the Music Industry.  For more articles, check Zoey at zoeyflowersportfolio.blogspot.com or follow her on Twitter @ZoeyFlowers.



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