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Contrary to popular belief, when you’re an artist trying to make your way in the ups and downs of today’s music industry world, you either have the talent or you don’t. Obviously, a lot of us have seen and heard the talent with our own eyes and ears wondering anxiously just as much as that artist on when exactly their time will come.

With the absence, or some might call it “death” of the R&B world,  lovers of Rhythm and Blues keep high hopes that one day it will once again dominate the airwaves and Billboard charts as it once did some time ago. Thankfully, while the older artists continue to make their comebacks, there are new artists who bring something new and old to the table that gives us hope. Los Angeles R&B singer Chantel might just be the missing link we have been so desperately waiting to hear through our earbuds and expensive headphones. Hey, if we’re going to spend a heap of money on headphones, we might as well listen to some good music through them, right?

Recently, had the pleasure of sitting down with the young and talented new comer to speak with her about what exactly she’s hoping to bring back to the R&B genre, her musical influences that we can all relate to through the 90s music we adored, her first single “Sending My Love,” which is a remake of 90s duo Zhane’s 1994 hit of the same name, her upcoming album Back in the Day and more.

If you have yet to hear about Chantel, then this might just be the best first introduction to getting to know the young songstress. Under the direction of producer Soundz, who has worked with the best in R&B today such as Usher, Brandy, LeToya Luckett, Ciara, Trey Songz, Red Cafe, and many more. “Soundz is amazing, he’s a genius, it’s been amazing working with him for two years now,” says Chantel, “he has definitely helped me find my lane and direction, we have a great chemistry.”

Not afraid to let her voice be heard, you can catch Chantel humming at just about any random moment and right away wonder what song she’s playing over in her head and what the words might sound like if you heard her version. Interesting enough, there are very few that many of us like to compare to the late Aaliyah, but if you were a fan of hers without ever meeting her, you knew she was a very kind and warm soul, beautiful inside and out. You’ll see the same in Chantel–very beautiful, but also a warm, friendly spirit and smile right off from the very first greeting, as if you have known her for years, quiet but outgoing. “I think that’s what was really missing, that feel-good R&B. I think people were trying to find different ways to make it relevant but the best thing about it is that rhythm and blues, that soul and I think that’s what’s been missing and that’s what needs to be brought back,” Chantel says, as the singer shares her thoughts on the current state of R&B.

Chantel is not just a singer, she is also a songwriter and pianist. If you ask Chantel about the piano, do not be surprised to see her light up the room as she talks about how she has been playing since she was a mere seven years old, an obvious passion of hers. Attributing her musical influences to such singers as Janet Jackson and Aaliyah, you know that Chantel is heading in the right direction towards success as she works to bring us R&B lovers and obsessors that sound we have long been missing.

Keep up Chantel and her music at her official website and of course on twitter @OnlyChantel.

–Danielle Turner

Danielle Turner is a Southern California-based music writer with a passion for sharing new and upcoming artists through R&B and Hip Hop to the everyday music junkie. As a contributing writer for and a columnist at she has always combined her love of writing and music to create a formula for doing what she loves and loving what she does. You can always find Danielle via Twitter @thisisdanielle.

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