Soul Blessed

Direct TV is dropping all the good channels and my fiancée’s cat keeps throwing up food in the hallway. Rush Limbaugh still has a radio show and somewhere in this country, a woman’s expired weave is resting upon her head. There’s so damn much to complain about in America. But complaining is a terrible soundtrack to life.

I woke up in the morning feeling fresh to death I’m so blessed yes, yes / I went to sleep stressed, woke up refreshed I’m so blessed yeah, yes / Water in my face and everything is in its place / Peace of mind even my grace / I’m so blessed yes, yes, yes.” –Jill Scott, ‘Blessed.’

Buy this, rent that! With consumerism attempting to dictate what we’re missing out on, we all need a little reminder of how rich we truly are. Thanks, Jill.

Peruse any Facebook wall or Twitter time-line and I’m sure you’ll notice more complaints than an HBCU financial aid office suggestion box. We’ve developed into a dissatisfied nation. There are too many beefs and there is too much bitching. People gripe about the sunshine because it’s too bright. They whine about their relationship because it’s too right. That’s crazy! If a relationship is good then focus on its goodness. Stop trying to figure out what’s wrong and enjoy all that’s right, or get left.

Maybe we’re dissatisfied with where we are in life. “But evolving is a never-ending process,” says Briana Swann, author of the upcoming book If These Eyes Could Talk.  “Don’t be upset or frustrated with who and where you are right now. Be excited about who and what you have yet to encounter and the person you have yet to become. Everything matters. You can make decisions to bring yourself closer to the person you want to be. Choose wisely.”

Sometimes I feel like we have to experience rain in order to appreciate sunshine. Look for a blessing in everything. Even the downpour of rain puts out our fires. If you count your disappointments and I count my blessings, I’ll bet you’ll finish first.

The next time you have a desire to complain about having to go in to work on a holiday, thank God you have a job to go in to. When you have to spend the money you saved up for vacation to repair your broken car, praise God for blessing you with extra cash. And thank God for providing you with a car to break down in the first place. When you focus on what’s wrong, you fail to experience all that is right.

Author Briana Swann put it best:

To be alive and well; to be healthy and in your right mind; to have use of all your senses; to be able to feel love; to be able to change; to be able to live; just to be able is such a blessing.”

You’re so blessed.


– Enitan Bereola, II

Bereola is the go-to style and etiquette impresario, public speaker and entrepreneur. He is also the bestselling author of BEREOLAESQUE: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette book for the Urban Sophisticate. He is working on his follow-up book – “GENTLEWOMAN: Etiquette for a Lady from a Gentleman.” Check his website and @bereolaesque on Twitter as well as Facebook.

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  1. Nikki G says:

    As my grandmother always says…”I could complain, but it won’t change nothing!”

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