Jermaine Dupri Is Banking On Frank Ocean To Save R&B

There was a time when R&B reigned supreme and singers sang. Hip Hop has always been the little brother of R&B but it seems in the last decade R&B has been following her little brother into obscurity. There haven’t been many albums in the last couple years that have clung closely to it’s R&B roots. It’s almost taboo to be a part of the R&B genre. However, the man who earlier did not want to be placed in the R&B box has delivered an album entitled “channel Orange” that is so R&B it’s hard to deny.

Not only has Mr. Frank Ocean produced an album true to R&B but he has been able to sell and rebuild a lane for R&B artists that want to stay away from the Hip Hop heavy music of the present. Estimated sales of iTunes sales alone are around 130,000 in one week. Between rich lyrics, heart drenched singing and the public’s curiosity of his sexual orientation Ocean has created an infectious buzz. Industry mover and shaker Jermaine Dupri seems to be banking on Ocean to be the savior of R&B. Read more>>

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