Michael Jackson Documentary in Works by Spike Lee

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album, which will be celebrated by a re-release of the album on Sept. 18 complete with bonus tracks, a DVD, and other bonus material. Legendary director and MJ’s personal friend Spike Lee is working on a documentary film about the “Bad” album which is due out later this year, the date yet to be determined.

Lee said he learned a lot about the late star while combing through footage for the documentary, calling it a “treasure chest of findings.” In speaking with the Huffington Post, he said, “ “We have footage in this documentary that no one’s ever seen, stuff that Michael shot himself, behind-the-scenes stuff,” reveals. “We had complete access to the vaults of Michael Jackson. … He wrote 60 demos for the `Bad’ record. Only 11 made it. So we got to hear a lot of that stuff, too, so it was just a great experience.” Read more>> 

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