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Three years ago Qwanell “Que” Mosely was on top of the world. He had a number one-rated reality series on MTV with Making the Band, and two number one albums with DAY26. After a successful 4th season of Making the Band it seemed as if Que and the group were poised to take over the R&B world and bring the boy group back to the forefront; however, months later Mosely was publicly ousted from the R&B outfit. Since then he has rechristened himself Anthony Q and carved his own lane in the independent R&B scene. As he positions himself as a true student of the game, Anthony Q sits down with SoulTrain.com to explain his journey.

SoulTrain.com: Now let’s start with the name. A lot of your old fans still refer to you as Que. So which do we call you now, or do you kind of go by both?

Anthony Q: Yeah, you can call me Qwannel, you can call me Anthony, or Que. Some people call me Que Mosley. It’s all my name. My full name is Qwannel Anthony Mosley. Everybody from the show knows me as Que, so when I came out as a solo artist I just wanted to change it up a little bit. So I just took my middle name and put it in the front [and thought] this would be a dope name for an album or an artist name.

ST: Right. You’re reinventing yourself.

AQ: Yeah, and a lot of people tried to be funny like ‘who he think he is, Puff or somebody?’ I wasn’t even thinking like that. I was just trying to recreate myself.

ST: Right. Now we all know about the past, but what we all want to know, which is fitting with your twitter name (@que_thafuture) is the future. What’s the future of Anthony Q?

AQ: Currently I’m doing cover songs. I just did a feature with the Sneak Dancers, which is a dance group in Rochester, NY. They’re trying to start a dance movement, so I appeared in one of their videos. Basically I’m on my solo grind. I’m really trying to enjoy music like I used to. I went to a school of the arts, so it’s always been my passion to do entertainment like Broadway, dancing, theater, and singing.  I’ve been trying to find that passion again that I had when I was in high school.

ST: I get you–you’re embracing not just the singing side but everything as a whole.  A lot of R&B artists have been taking the independent route lately. How has it been making the transition from a major label artist to an indie?

AQ: It hasn’t been difficult at all, because when I was signed to a major label, maybe I was looking at things a little differently. I was just looking at it like I have an opportunity to share my gift with the world. So when I got kicked out of the group, it didn’t really affect me because I genuinely just loved singing. I’ve been singing since kindergarten. So transitioning wasn’t hard because I just wasn’t thinking like that.

ST: Do you think you’ll ever return to that major label system?

AQ: I wouldn’t mind returning to a major record label as long as I was being compensated like a regular recording artist. If I have to just do charity work for the label for the rest of my life, I’m just not with that. I mean 3 years, 4 years, that’s fine. I’ve paid my dues, but working for free for the rest of my life is something that I don’t want to do and I don’t think anyone wants to do that. You get up and work 9-5 and you get paid for your work every week. If I’m at a major label then I need to get paid for my work. That’s my only issue with being signed, because I wasn’t getting paid.

ST: I get that. One thing we have been seeing over the last few years is artists taking more of that ownership approach to music. You absolutely deserve to get paid for what you do.

AQ: And that’s all. You know I’m not complaining. Being signed wasn’t the worst thing in the world, and a lot of people dream about it, but I’d rather just throw that thing away if I’m not gonna get paid.

ST: Exactly. What’s your current feeling on the state of R&B?

AQ: I honestly think it’s in a really good place. All the artists that are coming out with songs, I really enjoy the music. I don’t have anything bad to say about the state of R&B. I think it’s gonna keep growing. The only thing would say is I think R&B artists should respect the ones who paved the way for them.

ST: Absolutely!

AQ: You should never get too big headed where you forget those who paved the way for music, you know? For example, I’ve been studying The Main Ingredient and one of their songs, “Let Me Prove My Love To You,” and in the hook is Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name”. I didn’t know that. If I would have never listened to that song, I would have never known that The Main Ingredient did that first. So I would only say that I wish artists would respect those that were there first.

ST: Exactly.  Speaking of The Main Ingredient, I’ve heard that you’re working with [lead singer] Cuba Gooding, Sr.

AQ: Yes! We’ve been working together. Nothing major yet. I’ve basically been studying a lot of groups. Old school groups from the 70s era. So I’ve just been studying. That’s all.

ST: Now with that studying, what’s going to be the direction of your upcoming project?

AQ: You know honestly, I said I was gonna try and put something out in the fall, but I don’t know when I’m gonna put out music. Once I finish studying and get my sound together and it’s sounding like that soulful R&B sound then I’ll put something out. So right now I don’t have anything coming out.

ST: Ok. I get that. I think your Guitar Her* mixtape was enough to hold the fans over for now.

AQ: And it went over 750,000 downloads, so I was really excited about that project.

ST: Lastly, what’s your favorite Soul Train memory?

AQ: My favorite Soul Train memory was at the end of the show, the Soul Train line. That’s a good memory because ever does the Soul Train line still. Also Don Cornelius. He was a great memory just because we introduced him at the [2009] BET Awards. May his soul rest in peace.

You can reach Anthony Q via Twitter @que_thafuture.

-Nick Eden

Nick Eden is a songwriter/blogger/R&B junkie based out of Atlanta, GA. Experience his love for Rhythm and Blues at http://www.RnBLova.com, and follow him on Twitter @nickeden.


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