5 Reasons D’Angelo is the Savior of Neo-Soul

Michael Eugene Archer aka D’Angelo hasn’t dyed his hair, bought glow sticks & a black light or take dance lessons like the rest of these “R&B” yellow bellies.  This singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and record producer is R&B, Soul and most importantly, Neo-Soul’s greatest champion. He helped to inspire many artists that are at the forefront of the music industry.

Artists like Kanye West, Common, Jay-Z, Melanie Fiona, Erykah Badu were either fans or co-collaborators.  He gave the generation a sound that was filled with life, depth, style, and awareness. It helped to balance out the heavy Gangsta Rap of the day. He was valuable to the balance of music then and after his touring in Europe and an amazing performance at the 2012 BET Awards, hopefully the media and fans can now realize he has faithfully and proudly raised the flag of Neo-Soul. Read More>>

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