Kim K. & Kanye (K2)

While being entertained by the BET Awards on Sunday, I was equally entertained by the commentary on Twitter. Then I was offended.

“I think Kim K feels somewhat honored to be rolling with Beyoncé. She doesn’t deserve it! #BeyAintaHoe.”Anonymous Twitter User

My response: Since when does having sex in a committed relationship make you a hoe? She’s been with four men publicly. How about you?

“Kim K was in the front row of my award’s show. She didn’t know anybody who won an award.” –Anonymous Instagram User

My response: Is it your award’s show? I missed your name in the credits. Are you suggesting non-Blacks aren’t allowed to embrace the culture? She’s dated four African-Americans publicly (including two musicians). Her current boyfriend is arguably the greatest rapper/producer of all time. I’m sure she knows a little bit about “Black” music.

“Kim K just looked so out of place at the BET Awards.”Anonymous Twitter User

My response: In the same way Robin Thicke or Machine Gun Kelly looked out of place because they’re white? Well, they didn’t. So why did she? She had on a nice dress and behaved like a lady. I witnessed her dancing, singing along and applauding the winners.

The world seemed to be in an uproar when Kanye West brought Kim Kardashian to the BET Awards … although that’s where you’re supposed to bring a date. Then they were upset about her front row seating arrangements. Where else is the girlfriend of a superstar supposed to sit? Isn’t there more to be mad at, like the fact that you’re holding a grudge and disdain for someone you’ve never met and who hasn’t done anything to you?

Why do you hate Kim Kardashian? Is it because of the sex tape? There’s nothing wrong with making a sensual film to be kept between you and your lover. It wasn’t supposed to get out. Is it because she’s attracted to Black men and most of us are attracted to her? The lady is phenomenally attractive. Though it’s an opinion, it’s tough to argue against mass taste. Is it because she lives her life on television? Well why aren’t you pissed at Tia and Tamera Mowry for doing the same thing? This woman simply didn’t allow a negative scenario in her life to derail her – instead she let it propel her. You can learn a lesson from Kim.

I used to dislike the Kardashians because I didn’t get them and my lady always turned to their show on Sundays when football was on. But that’s a whack reason to justify disapproval. I decided to do my own research. I think the real issue people have with Kim is the thought that she hasn’t done enough to be where she is. People respect hard work. Kim K can afford shoes the price of your mortgage, dates men many women crush on and practically gets paid millions for breathing. Well Kim K does go to work. Her duties might not resemble your 9-5 tasks but she earns her income just like you.

Kim might not have a visible talent that explains her success, but who cares? It doesn’t affect you. Things only hurt when you care. If you claim you don’t care about Lady Kardashian, stop acting like you do. You don’t have to cheer her on if you don’t want to, but for God’s sake, let her be great. Kim K keeps getting attention because you keep giving it to her.

Kardashian’s last tweet read, “I’m so happy for my baby tonight! Dope performance & won some BET Awards!” She’s not concerned with your tweets. She’s somewhere in a suite eating crab meat, so have a seat. She sure did … front row.


– Enitan Bereola, II

Bereola is the go-to style and etiquette impresario, public speaker and entrepreneur. He is also the bestselling author of BEREOLAESQUE: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette book for the Urban Sophisticate. He is working on his follow-up book – “GENTLEWOMAN: Etiquette for a Lady from a Gentleman.” Check his website and @bereolaesque on Twitter as well as Facebook.


  1. Jasmine says:

    I’m not a fan of Kim K, not because of what she has or who she chooses to date, but because of the image she chose to present to the world to get to where she is. Talentless people make money everyday, that isn’t anything new…but the way in which she got to where she is & the image she fostered is…repulsive to me.

    Working with kids & young women in particular, all you hear is how much they admire her & unfortunately it isn’t for any hard work she may or may not have put in. Her image is one of superficiality and young women are following in her footsteps, contrary to anything I, and others, try to do to help.

    There are many people who hate her, not out of jealousy or some deepest desire to be her, but simply because of who she had made herself out to be.

    She could honestly be a very deep, nice and intelligent young woman, but that isn’t what she chooses to present herself as & that is what I dislike about her. And anyone, for that matter, who “does what it takes” to become famous & wealthy. “Doing what it takes” usually always means that a person has no serious talent that can stand on its own, so they leech away at others. By all means, if that is your desire for life, do you. But there will always be those who dislike you (her) on principle, for your (her)own lack of principles.

    I don’t care about her *personally*, but she (and) her family have made their name into a business & its a shady business that I don’t like. I believe that, like me, there are people who “hate” on Kim K for that reason. Not because of anything she has or how she looks.

  2. Nikki G says:

    I dont hate Kim K. I hate the mockery of marriage she desplayed though. The girl has bank, big bank, from Shoe Dazzle alone (an amazing concept that I am a member of). So what was the point of this feigned marriage to Chris Humphries?

  3. chris says:

    EXACTLY. Kim gets hate for no reason, people are just jealous that she is wealthy and attractive. She turned lemons into lemonade and is enjoying her life.

  4. Justin says:

    this is so funny to me. you better be in love with Ms. Kim

  5. Anna Renee says:

    Preach! I decided that I was tired of hating Kim K. Now I just congratulate when I hear about her. I realized that she puts in TONS of work. Her work don’t look like my work, so I can’t hate her for it. And I don’t.

    To Kim K: do you, boo!

  6. iCouldCareLess says:

    I don’t have an issue per-say with Kim. Having a boyfriend is fine, but while you are still married to me is tacky. I don’t care if you are Kim K or Kim from around the block. I have a high standard for marriage. This is why people mock marriage It should be harder to get in marriage because folks are leaving these bad boys in record numbers. Like I said I have no issue with that woman. She is beautiful, makes way more money than I will probably ever see, and is doing her thing. My only issue is the sanctity of marriage. Get divorced before you are all in the next mans arms.

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