Gordon Chambers: With This Pen…

2012 marks Gordon Chambers’ 20th year in the music business. Think about it, twenty years. In the space between 1992 and now we’ve seen trends come and fail, the one-hit wonders, and we’ve lost numerous legends and endured fashion that makes us shake our heads in reflection. Gordon Chambers, however, has found a level of consistency that’s spanned two decades and continues to pick up steam as he puts his pen to use for himself and others.

Before he ever picked up a pen to write a song, Gordon Chambers was being trained in musicology by his father, who regularly hosted his teammates after soccer games at their home in the Boogie Down Bronx. Each Friday night, Mr. Chambers would bring home new albums and fill the house with the great music of the era: The O’Jays, Donna Summer, Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Van McCoy, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley were some of young Gordon’s first music teachers, while his mother’s penchant for Lite FM introduced him to the Doobie Brothers, Bob Denver and others. This fusion of sounds provided the foundation of melody, lyricism, phrasing and soul that he would channel years later while working at Essence magazine to burst onto the scene as one of the hot new songwriters of the 1990s.

Three weeks after graduating from Brown University, Gordon found himself as an entertainment editor for Essence and on the fringes of New York City’s resurging R&B scene, the perfect place for the aspiring jazz artist to be. During those days, the trumpet was his tool of choice and gigging around New York was cool enough for the time. All of that changed when an interview with Queen Latifah led to his working on “Winkie’s Theme” from her Black Reign album in 1993. With his foot in the door, all that was needed were the right connections and those came in the form of Dave Hall and Barry Eastmond, two producer/songwriters he formed partnerships with that led to a run that paralleled some of the best in contemporary music.

With a track record that includes Brownstone’s breakthrough smash “If You Love Me”, the Grammy-winning “I Apologize” for Anita Baker, “No More Rain (In This Cloud) Angie Stone, and “Missing You” with Brandy, Tamia, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan, Chambers became a go-to guy for everyone from The Isley Brothers to Beyoncé. However, it was while working with Whitney Houston that he was instructed by “The Voice” herself to put his pen to work for himself and pursue a solo career.

Standing before a crowd at BB King’s Blues Club, Gordon Chambers serenaded and celebrated the release of Introducing…Gordon Chambers, his debut album and the culmination of the dreams started during those house parties back in the Bronx and his formative years in Teaneck, New Jersey.  None of the success Gordon Chambers has achieved has been done without a direct link to his childhood. Other than the sounds of his parent’s home, he learned at the knee of world-renowned musicians that were accessible locally in Teaneck like Dick Griffin and Lenny White.

The music made by Gordon Chambers is his “conversation” with the legends; his ode to Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway, love letters to Abby Lincoln and Phyllis Hyman and homage to Stevie Wonder’s greatness. It is on the shoulders of those greats that he’s released Love Stories and Sincere, his latest offerings to the geniuses and those that have supported him throughout the last twenty years.

Amazing that someone just trying to pay the bills and live a good lifestyle has made a career out of chronicling life between a chorus and before the bridge. The gold and platinum records that line his Brooklyn home are mere decorations compared the wall that holds photos of his parents and remaining family; they are the true inspiration of the past twenty years, the fuel to go another twenty and most important, the cause of today. Gordon Chambers understands history, honors it and based on his discography has made it…with his pen.

–Al-Lateef Farmer

For more information about Gordon Chambers, visit his website www.gordonchambers.com.




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