DJ Eddie F: Seen It All

The year is 1987. New York City and most of the country is rocking to the hit Uptown Records single “Uptown Is Kickin’ It.” Unbeknownst to Edward “DJ Eddie F” Ferrell, the co-producer of the song, the young producer is about to be a part of history. Speaking on the impact of hip hop, Eddie F says “You have a whole generation of hip hop that’s inspired not only American culture, but global culture. Fashion, music, movies….everything. ” Over the course of the next 10 years DJ Eddie F, as a part of the legendary Heavy D and the Boys, would help establish music icon Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records as a cornerstone of black music. From music, to television, to film, Eddie F made his mark with production and behind the scenes work.

In the mid 90s DJ Eddie F found himself far away from his native New York after accepting a position as Vice President of A&R for LaFace Records in Atlanta, GA. It was there that he discovered a young songwriter from Chicago. DJ Eddie F signed the singer, now known as Donell Jones, to his Untouchables Records and secured his first hit artist on his label. In the midst of his work in Atlanta, Eddie F witnessed a lot of upstart artists and producers who went on to major success. “A lot of the people that I had seen starting out have gone on to [major success], like Tricky (Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, Rihanna, The Dream, Beyonce) and TI to name a few. I ended up making the full transition to Atlanta after going back and forth between here and New York.”

Being a person that always looked towards the future, DJ Eddie F began to position himself as a driving force in technology. After securing a licensing deal with Apple as an aggregator, Eddie F launched his Musicwerks digital distribution website. “I have a real passion for technology. I’m getting ready to launch [a platform] where artists can not only get all of their music on iTunes, but the other tools they need.” He expresses his excitement of where technology is headed particularly with music, stating that since it is now cheaper to produce music, the return can be much greater.

With all of DJ Eddie F’s accomplishments, he always stayed close to the man he came into the business with: his best friend Heavy D. Sadly at the end of 2011, Heavy D passed away due to complications from blood clots. “I will miss my brother Heavy so much and I cherish all the happy times we had together while unknowingly helping to build the movement and legacy we call Uptown Records.” Indeed a legacy was created, and the future for DJ Eddie F seems even brighter.

-Nick Eden

Nick Eden is a songwriter/blogger/R&B junkie based out of Atlanta, GA. Experience his love for Rhythm and Blues at, and follow him on Twitter @nickeden.


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