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While Soul Train is all about the music and the folks who are making the music, we can’t deny that music finds its way into almost every area of our life. That’s why we will begin profiling some of today’s hottest fiction writers bringing us literary fire that captures the spirit of the music we love so much. In this Q&A profile, we talk to a new author to arrive on the scene, Nathan Seven Scott, who incorporates all of the elements of a fast-paced celebrity lifestyle, with a backdrop that is filled with music, murder and mayhem in his new novel My Turn. Hi Nathan, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us about your new novel My Turn and why we should pick it up.

Nathan Seven Scott: My Turn is the first book in a five part series. It falls under the genre of Erotic/Suspense. You should pick it up because it is a fast paced page-turner that is bound to have you panting for the sequel. Courtney R. Knight is an aspiring mogul who gets caught up in a twisted circle of friends. Deceit and mayhem surround him. It must have been exciting to have Wendy Williams give you a shout out on her show, sharing that she read it in one weekend and couldn’t put it down. How did you feel when you got the news that she did that?

Nathan Seven Scott: I got the news on Martin Luther King’s birthday. I was off that day. My roommate called me from the other room and rewound the show. I literally cried standing there in front of the television. It was so bittersweet because I had just started calling myself The Page-turner Prince. The fact that she mentioned my book on national television on King’s birthday was my confirmation–let me reign [laughs]. Your main character Courtney Knight is one complex dude. How much of his character is similar to the real Nathan Seven Scott?

Nathan Seven Scott: It’s funny you ask that question. A good number of people who have read my book ask the same thing. There are splashes of “faux-reality” in the book. The character is wicked, as readers will discover. He’s now well on his way to becoming maniacal in the sequel, Hollywood Burn. I’m a pretty complex individual. Being a Gemini and having ADD helps me multi-task and explore other areas of my talents. In order for me to create Courtney, I had to imagine and invent a character that would have people both love and hate him. It’s strange to me sometimes when I read my own work and then release it to the masses. Creation is a beautiful thing. Courtney is driven as I. If you could pick a musician or famous actor out there on the music scene now to portray Courtney Knight if your book were to become a film, who would you pick and why?

Nathan Seven Scott: There is an actor from the movie High School High that I like, Corbin Bleu. I like him because he’s worked substantially, but isn’t a major star. I would want to cast him because he has the look that I envision for my main character. I’d like to see him with a conniving, sinister edge, and I could totally see him bringing Courtney to life. Hey, it’s in the Universe now, maybe he’ll read this article and call me to talk about the movie rights. Call me, Corbin!

Trey Songz comes to mind as one of the love interests in My Turn. The biggest challenge would be to find a black actor comfortable enough to play a gay character. I wonder which major Hollywood actor would step up and play one of the roles in my movie. It would have to be someone wiling to stretch. Even calculated, it’s still a risk. The movie would have to be a blockbuster and it will.

In this five-part series, there are a host of colorful characters. In my third book, Tuxedo Pynk, I would love to see Rihanna in the title role. Her fashion sense and style versatility is exactly what I envision for the title character. Your book takes place primarily in New York City, a perpetual party of celebrities, scandal and intrigue. You have been living in NYC for about a dozen years now. How has your love of New York and busy night life influenced your writing style and what you write about in your books?

Nathan Seven Scott: New York City is a beast! This city is where I grew up into my adulthood. It was my first move out of my mother’s house which was four hours away in D.C. I was 22 years old with $900 in my bank account. Looking back on it now, I don’t know how I did it. I was here all alone, no aunts, no cousins, no family. In my personal life, I’ve hung out back stage at the Grammys, talked to Wendy Williams on the set of her show and met a host of people of influence. I would be a fool not to use my life experiences to further explore in my writing career.  I have a love-hate relationship with this city though. It’s such a breeding ground for sin and debauchery, which have landed me in some very interesting places. But, I have to say, without the experiences, there would be no My Turn. Your character Courtney has a few entanglements in the book that reflect issues that you think are of great impact to all people, regardless of sexual orientation. Tell us about some of the issues you wanted to touch upon in your first book and why it was important to include in the book.

Nathan Seven Scott: One of the big issues that I wanted to touch upon was the transmission of HIV from person to person. In the book, there is a bit of a love quadruple, if you will, where friends overlap as sex partners resulting in the spread of the virus. This activity is huge in today’s society.  We’re essentially killing ourselves and it’s a conversation that needs to be made more public. We have to do better.

Another issue is the way that people use and dispose of others. The murders are simply a metaphor for how easy it is to “kill off” people that we don’t like. We do it all the time, give up on people who we know are in need of guidance and support. Communication is the best way to shift these issues, we’ve become lazy by texting everything that we miss out on real social connections. Remember when you just made friends with someone on the street or on the train or waiting in a doctor’s office? Today, we are so attached to our smart devices that we miss out on the people in front of us. Underdeveloped social skills are the result. What can we expect in the sequel?

Nathan Seven Scott: The sequel will take readers to the next stage in Courtney’s life. We find out what he does once he has the money and power that he acquired through his wrath and revenge. While writing and developing Hollywood Burn, I had a mini-movie playing over and over again in my mind. I kept seeing a car chase that ended in flames. If it’s not action-packed with unexpected twists and turns, then there would be no point in reading it. Which one of your characters would work it best dancing down the Soul Train line, and why?

Nathan Seven Scott: Hands down, Courtney. In My Turn, Courtney hangs out at a place called Club Swagger. There is a scene in the book where Courtney is on the dance floor getting his dance on when all of a sudden, he’s thrown out and told never to return. Courtney is a great dancer. His gets the attention of onlookers every time he hits the dance floor. His fancy footwork would get him from start to finish down the Soul Train line with requests for an encore. Sounds like people really need to pick up this book. What would you like your fans to know about you that I haven’t asked you already?

Nathan Seven Scott: The book can be picked up in paperback on and is available for your Kindle, too. I want my fans to know that I am committed to entertaining them through my writing and storytelling. My Turn is only the tip of the iceberg. I’m just getting started. I have one more manuscript to complete before wrapping up the entire series. By the end of this year, I will have signed with a major publishing house and will be in talks about adapting the first book into a major motion picture.  I hope to inspire others to believe in themselves, follow their intuition and dream big. Commitment and perseverance will yield outstanding results.

Check out more of Nathan Seven Scott on Twitter at @Nathan7Scott, on Facebook at, on YouTube at and on his website at

-Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a playwright, songwriter, book editor and creativity coach. She has interviewed and profiled hundreds of creatives since 2005. Check her out at



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