Soul Chic: The Concert Issue

Summer is almost here, and what better time to talk about concert wears than now? Readers have been asking for advice on wardrobe for concerts, and though it may not seem so complicated, it is. Concert wear should be practical but that doesn’t have to mean tacky.


Depending on where you’re positioned, the right footwear is essential. In crowded venues, I always advise clients to be careful with open toed heels. You will get stepped on, and it will hurt – not to mention if you’ve just gotten a pedicure, it can get messy. Instead opt for chic flats or wedges – still stylish, but practical.


This summer is going to be a hot one. Dress accordingly and wear tops that make sense – things you can breath in and move about without too much complication. A light sleeve that can be pulled up might be most practical if your concert transitions from the day to the night. Employ a lot of linen and light cotton  – during the summer, these two never go out of style.

Bottoms – Dresses

Dresses can be fun, but depending on the concert, it can go really well or really bad. The answer is in the length. Long maxi dresses for the evening, short casual frocks for the day concerts.


Nothing is worse than losing a small accessory in a crowd of people. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Opt for larger accessories, that way if you drop something, you have a better chance of finding them. This summer simplistic looks are a major trend – edgy up your look with fashion jewelry.

Secret Weapon: Layering

When going to a concert in a venue that you’ve never been to, predicting the climate is impossible. That’s why layering is the thing to do. A small jacket can work – one that’s never warm enough to wear any other season. And because it’s small, putting it in your large bag (hint: bring a large bag) won’t be hard.

–James Sanders

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