Rocking Out with Bibi McGill: The Guitarist Behind Beyoncé’s Music

Pink and Beyoncé are undeniably legendary artists and amazing performers.  In their world of glitz, glamour, and whirlwind tours, these ladies also share one other thing in common – they’ve had the eye of the storm by their side, also known as Bibi McGill.

Just who is she?  Well, Bibi has been the guitarist who toured with Pink as well as Paulina Rubio and La Ley.  She is also the musical director and lead guitarist of Beyoncé’s all-female band (aka Suga Mama).

She has shared a stage every night with the Grammy-winning artist, and felt the enraptured energy from the fans.  It’s a euphoric feeling, yet Bibi is the one who takes Beyoncé “higher”.

Since the age of twelve, Bibi was destined to play the guitar.  Whenever she would hear music, she would just “pick up a broomstick or whatever and play it like a guitar”.  Her father, a musician, then put her in guitar lessons (after asking her first, of course).  The lover of Heart, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple even went to the University of Colorado for scoring and arranging music.

Yes, Bibi loves and knows music.  She’s “made it” in this demanding, 24/7 hustle-and-bustle place we call the music industry.  She’s struggled, put together shows, run rehearsals, and played with the best of them for years.

With her rockin’ afro, tattoos, and distinctive star appeal, the fierce guitarist even looks like music.  But that’s just the exterior.  Don’t get it twisted.  Even if she can rock out on the axe, Bibi is not just about the music scene.

Nope….not even a little.

Once the tour is over, it’s time for the show-stopping musician to balance her fierceness with a mindful meditation.  She’s got other things to tend to that are important to her, none of them involving music.

Bibi maintains her tranquility by being outdoors, surrounding herself with loved ones, and living a holistic lifestyle, which includes eating healthy and yoga.  Yes, yoga is this lady’s love, and who can blame her?  As a fellow yogi, the blissful practice is mental, physical, and a lifestyle in itself.

She’s no rookie at this skill either.  Bibi has been doing yoga since 1998.  She’s certified to teach the craft, which may just be her next calling.  She’s taught at public studios as well as Street Yoga, which is geared towards the underprivileged youth.  This is what Bibi loves to do.  “Absolutely everyday, I do yoga.  I love to share yoga.  It makes people feel better.  It helps people become more healthy.”

“People should spend a little more time upside-down for a change.”  That’s Bibi’s way of saying her favorite pose is “Sirsasana or Headstand, which is great for reversing gravity, lowering your heart rate, and directing energy and blood to your head.”  Ms. McGill definitely knows her yoga.  She can even tell you the chants and poses in Sanskrit.

As a Renaissance woman upon us in these modern-day times, she is also planning on saving the world.  The guitarist/yogi is now working on rescinding the potato chip with Bibi’s Kale Chips.  It’s a great alternative to the greasy snacks in our grocery stores now.  These delicious kale chips (yes, I can attest to that) are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and not made in any factory; these are hand-made by Bibi herself.  She grows the kale in her garden and carefully selects its organic ingredients.  They’re remarkably popular in Portland, her residence, and frequently requested all around the world.

Bibi’s Kale Chips started in Portland, but the plan is to expand and grow.  Bibi is now raising money for $15,000 dehydrators so that she can make 12 times the amount of kale chips she makes now in order to keep up with the demands.  This visionary even has an Indie Gogo campaign to raise the money. She’s offering a 29% return to her investors.

If you’ve ever caught Beyoncé on tour, you’ve seen her yell “Bibi, take me higher!”  As Bibi rocks out on the guitar, Bey does an incredible matrix back bend beside her.  If you watch the fierce guitarist, you can see her relishing in the present moment.  It’s the way she chooses to live.

“Every moment to live, breathe, and be healthy is memorable.  I don’t put one experience above another.  I choose to stay in the present moment where everything is important.  I just don’t think in terms of the ‘most memorable moment’.  That keeps me thinking in the past constantly and if I’m always thinking in the past, I’m not enjoying NOW.”

That “now” is while Beyoncé takes a maternity leave to care for baby Blue Ivy, Bibi is focusing on spiritual growth, development, teaching yoga, and saving the world one kale chip at a time.

–Zoey Flowers

Zoey Flowers is a freelance writer and hip-hop lover.  She has worked for various major record labels and publications.  Catch her latest work at ZoeyFlowers.



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