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The routine of the week always repeats: Work, eat, sleep, and weekends filled with laundry and groceries.  But what will happen if we break the cycle?  Okay, so there won’t be any food in the fridge and the clothes will be dirty.  But what if we got crazy and ate out or bought new clothes?  Not forever – maybe just a week?

What would happen if we took one week from our routine and got back to the core of it all – family, friends, and ourselves?

Here are some things to consider doing.

1. Do not just make plans for the weekend–follow through with them. 

“Oh, we should really get together.”  “Yes, let’s definitely make plans.”  You know how the conversation goes, but there’s always something else that you have to do or something comes up.  The house is a mess, the project has to be done, work is piling up, etc.  I will be the first to admit – it feels great when we’re done.  But that is a short-term gain.  If we look back in our past, I’m sure the happiest times we had were not due to a clean house or a completed checklist.  They were times spent with our loved ones or doing something worthwhile.  So ditch that to-do list just for this week.  Instead, create some memories and do something with your loved ones.

2. Take care of yourself.

You are your most valuable commodity.  Make sure you’re taken care of.  Instead of eating what’s convenient, get something healthier.  Remember we eat for fuel to gain more energy.  The goal is not to eat lunch and feel sluggish afterwards.  We want to come back from lunch rejuvenated.  Though it seems so simple, eating well and including physical activity in our daily lives can do so much for us in the long run.  Even taking a walk and getting ten minutes of sun is something that can re-energize you and improve your well-being.

3. Find love in things you do.

So you don’t have your dream job?  That doesn’t mean you can’t do what you love.  If you love to write, but don’t have a job in the journalism field, who cares?  Write anyways!  Submit your pieces.  Create a blog.  Start a newsletter.  The point is you don’t have to wait for someone to hire you in order to do the things you love.  Even if you want to become a doctor, you don’t have to go through years of school before you get your feet wet.  You can volunteer at a hospital.  Do what you want and eventually, you’ll be who you want.

4. Be spontaneous and passionate.  Live in the moment.

Remember when you were younger and you wanted to be a princess or a cowboy?  Nobody was going to tell you otherwise.  Why can’t we do that as adults?  Who says we can’t ride a motorcycle or go play in the rain now?  Peoples’ opinions should never have any significance in your happiness or the things you do.  So as outlandish as it may seem to others, do what you want.  Have fun and live in your moment “cuz everybody dies, but not everybody lives”

5. Work on gaining peace of mind and clarity.

Meditation, prayer, releasing your thoughts – it’s all about listening to your mind.  You’re constantly telling it what to do, but you should always make time to hear it out.  Sit quietly, take some deep breaths, and reflect.  Listen to your mind and it will guide you to a true perspective on any situation.  Gain clarity to make conscious choices.  Giving yourself time to breathe and collect is the best way to keep your mind strong, sharp, and clear.

At the end of our time, the things we cherish will be memorable times spent with loved ones and the things we did to make ourselves happy.  I’m almost certain that it will not be groceries, laundry, or stressing over not getting it done in time.  So as “crazy” as it sounds, take the week off from your chores.  Enjoy your family and friends in a messy house (or hire a maid for that week) and relish in the take-out food you didn’t have to cook.  You have something more fulfilling to accomplish.

–Zoey Flowers

Zoey Flowers is a Hip-Hop lover and a freelance writer for various publications. She was a representative for various major record labels and has contributed to other music websites, television, and radio shows. 

Check Zoey on  Follow her on Twitter @zoeyflowers.




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