7 Items To Add To Your Closet This Year

New year, new trends, right?  Wrong! This year, let’s take it back to a time when things were less about trends and more about owning classic items that are versatile enough to work seamlessly together, allowing 2012 to be your best dressed year yet.

There are seven classics specifically that every woman should add to her closet this year. All seven of these pieces can travel season to season (within reason, of course) to create an infinite number of possibilities within in your wardrobe. Seriously, you’ll find yourself needing to shop less because everything you need will be hanging in your closet. Bonus: You’ll look like yourself and not ever other girl at the party trying out the latest trend (or, three).

So consider this your checklist:

  1. A Trench Coat
  2. Riding Boots
  3. A Cocktail Dress in A Bold Color
  4. Nude Pumps (in a color that matching your skin tone)
  5. Slightly Flared Jeans
  6. A Neutral Colored Blazer
  7. A Statement Necklace

Which of these items will you be shopping for first? Do you already own any of these items? Which do you need? Best of luck completing your closet checklist for 2012!

-Channing Hargrove

Channing Hargrove is a style writer just trying to make it to New York City. Want to follow her on her journey? Visit her site Channing in The City or follow her on Twitter @chan_inthecity.

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