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From TLC to Xscape to Cherish, Atlanta, GA has a rich history of female R&B groups. The next generation of girl groups comes in the form of a female R&B group by the name of Noralynn Rowe. Signed to producer Don Vito (the man behind Cherish’s biggest hit “Do It, Do It”), Nora Fox, Lynn Tate, and M. Rowe blend the soul of En Vogue with the swag of TLC. As the ladies gear up for the release of their debut album in 2012, they are more than prepared to lace up the shoes of their predecessors and bring the girl group back to the mainstream.

Soul Train: Who is NoraLynn Rowe?

M. Rowe: A group of mature ladies that love to sing and perform.

Nora Fox:  I think that we are a new age version of lady. Because we’re not the type where you have to wear skirts below your knees, but we are the new millennium lady. We’re trying to show that you can get things on your own now, and you don’t have to be a gold digger. You can get out there and work hard and grind; we’ve been grinding for months, and there’s no such thing as stop or slow down.

Lynn Tate: I feel that we’re different from other groups. We’re not just 3 video chicks they put together in a group.  We do everything together. We came together on our own. There was no audition, it was just straight raw.

Soul Train: How Did You Come Together?

Nora Fox: Well, we all knew each other from a previous business venture. Another guy was trying to put a group together and we started to hang out together, but the group didn’t work out and I was getting ready to move. So Lynn called me, and I was literally packing and she told me, “I had a dream and I told Rowe and in the dream that we were on stage and it was the 3 of us singing”. So she asked me to stay two more weeks and promised me if we didn’t make any money, she would help me pack. So I stayed and we had a thing called grind week. During grind week we sang for [producer] Don Vito and he acted like he wasn’t impressed with us, but called us right after we left and said he wanted to work with us.

Lynn Tate: A month later we had over 40 songs recorded.

Nora Fox: We recorded every single day.

Soul Train: That’s almost unheard of! Now there has been a void with R&B groups the last 10 years. The last major girl group on the charts was Danity Kane. With groups like Day26 and Hamilton Park making a play for the charts, how do you feel NoraLynn Rowe fits into the race of bringing groups back?

Nora Foxx: I think some other groups lack something we are blessed to have. Not to toot our own horn, because we’re not perfect and we don’t claim to be, but we have everything and we can only get better. With us we have the look, we have the voices, and we can dance our butts off.  That’s like Destiny’s Child had that. They could dance and they could sing, and they were gorgeous. One thing I like about Hamilton Park is that they’re young, and they have something that groups should have. They have something that you can build off of, and you don’t have to create something.  With us you don’t have to create anything, you can just make it better. I, for one, can’t hate on any groups or singers because this industry is so difficult that if you made it, I’m happy for you. Even if you can’t sing, if you’ve made it, you can sing to me.

M. Rowe: I think that when we come out [we have potential to be] the best thing since [All say] Destiny’s Child.

Soul Train: Let’s Talk about your YMCMB Jackin’ For Beats Video. What made you choose those three songs?

M. Rowe: Well, all of those songs were hot right at the moment and we wanted to catch that online traffic.

Lynn Tate: If you look at the video you take “I’m On One” and it gives it that hood swag. Then you get to “Did It On ‘Em” it gives us a fun swag, like kids because we’re playing games.  Then when you get to “How To Love” it gives us that R&B, like “These girls can really sing”. So it was just 3 different elements that showed people what we could do.

Soul Train: Well ladies, is there anything else you want the world to know about NoraLynn Rowe?

Lynn Tate: We have a great co-manager Sytonnia! [laughs] She’s brought us so far!

Nora Fox: I think what I’d like to say to you all is: we’re real. That’s the best you can get. You have some groups that, not to put them down, but they are put together by other people and they don’t know anything about the industry or themselves, but with us we’re honest. Our flaws are honest, and our music is honest. So my hope for this group is not to be famous, but to be heard. Just remember we’re honest, we’re not trying to hide anything, so if you find anything, see anything, or hear anything, just know it’s real.

Soul Train: What’s your favorite Soul Train memory?

[All] The Soul Train line!

Before we wrapped up the ladies sang their breathtaking version of the Star Spangled Banner just to let us know they’re real. You can follow NoraLynn Rowe on twitter @NoraLynnRowe and find out more about the girls at

-Nick Eden

Nick Eden is a songwriter/blogger/R&B junkie based out of Atlanta, GA. Experience his love for Rhythm and Blues at, and follow him on twitter @nickeden.


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