“Sequin-tial” Order

Donning sequins is a sure-fire way to be a hit at all of your holiday functions–on and off the camera. Not only do sequins photograph well, but there is something for everyone!  There are tons of options that will allow you to go from the office to a night out on the town, to dinner with your family. Let’s explore those, shall we?

1. A Sequined Blazer

A fun way to update your little black dress, a sequined blazer works as well for the office party as it does for drinks with the girls. While black sequins will almost always look dressy, choose sequins in a nude shade to make them more wearable.

2. A Sequined Pencil Skirt

Every woman looks amazing in a pencil skirt. They illustrate the curves, and sequins add an interesting texture. Again, in a nude or subtle color, the sequins won’t veer into drag queen territory when worn during the day.

3. Sequined Clutch

Too shy to wear sequins? No worries–you can up the ante with sequined accessories. Carry a sequined clutch for a pop of color and festiveness. You can choose a fun color like red, pink, or metallic.

4. Sequined Shoes

Like carrying a clutch, slipping on a pair of sequined shoes is a fun way to ease into wearing sequins. You can choose flats or pumps but whatever the style, sequins will have you camera ready.

5. Sequined Scarf

You can wrap sequins around your neck for a fun addition to your look. Choose a scarf literally covered in sequins, or just lightly dusted depending on how comfortable you are with wearing sequins.

Will you rock any of these items in “sequin-tial” order for the holidays and beyond?

— Channing Hargrove

Channing Hargrove is a young college graduate hoping to follow her fashion writing to the big city. Follow along on her journey at her site, Channing in The City!


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