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February 2012 will be the third year of the official “One Won’t Do” J Dilla tribute organised by the J Dilla Foundation alongside other partners. J Dilla is undisputedly one of the greatest and most respected hip hop producers of all time. The February 2012 tribute boasts to be the biggest one yet, spilling over to Europe.

We speak to FYC  Jarvis –member of “The Smooth Operators Movement”—about the tribute to Dilla and how potential sponsors can get involved.

SOULTRAIN: Firstly, what is it about J Dilla’s legacy that people feel so connected to?

FYC: J Dilla’s Legacy in itself embodies an authentic love for music, which connects us all to the man in question. The passion for music [is what] J Dilla, also known as Jay Dee, masterfully & consistently shared with all who heard his unique production sound will only continue to grow.

SOULTRAIN: Tell us about “One Won’t Do”. How did you come up with the idea? Who is behind the movement?

FYC: “One Won’t Do” is an annual tribute celebrating the life and legacy of J Dilla, held in New York, produced by my partners, The Smooth Operators Movement. An outstanding friend and great partner to us all, recently deceased Jammall “DJ Metaphysic” Gordon was the one who came up with the idea of doing a genuine tribute to Jay Dee. He felt like over time, the existing tributes to Jay Dee were built around the legacy of J Dilla as opposed to celebrating the life and legacy of J Dilla. The Smooth Operators Movement consists of Terrance Wilmore & Talib Nelson of, FYC of Drastic Measures, Iveriani “The Illest Publicist”, and the late Jammall “DJ Metaphysic” Gordon. The name for our tribute speaks to the magnitude of J Dilla’s impression on all of us. Ironically like the title of a J Dilla song “Won’t Do”, one tribute for Jay Dee was not enough. We were not satisfied with one party & we felt like the people who loved Jay Dee were game for a celebration in tribute to J Dilla, which gave birth to “One Won’t Do”.

SOULTRAIN: How have you seen OWD evolve from the beginning ’til now?

J Dilla

FYC: The evolution of OWD arises out of the new energy from new people who come out to our Tribute each year. Even though we are going into our third year, our growth has been remarkable. Our first tribute brought out many of our mutual friends & cult J Dilla fans. Our second tribute brought J Dilla fans from outside of New York and the Tri-State Area to an epic event. Now, our third tribute is looking serious, so we suggest everyone get their plane tickets in order.

SOULTRAIN: Which artists have performed at the previous two events?

FYC: Our 2010 tribute featured around twenty Independent New York hip-hop artists.   Most notable were Homeboy Sandman, Hassan Salaam, and Fresh Daily. Our tribute in 2011 featured T3 (the last remaining original member of Slum Village), Illa J (the younger Brother of J Dilla), and Q Tip (legendary member of A Tribe Called Quest & long time production partner of J Dilla).

SOULTRAIN: Who will be performing at the 2012 shows in New York and Detroit?

FYC: If I told you who our 2012 performers were I’d have to join a witness protection program, relocate, and change my name… But seriously, let’s just say it’s a secret for now.

SOULTRAIN: What can the people expect from the next tribute?

FYC: From “One Won’t Do” 2012, the people should expect a lot of surprises shared by an international audience of the finest J Dilla fans, along with new enthusiasts and genuine music lovers. And Jay Dee will be providing the soundtrack to a night celebrating the life & legacy of J Dilla!

SOULTRAIN: How can potential sponsors get involved?

FYC: All potential sponsors should contact our publicist, the talented Iveriani “The Illest Publicist” at

–Ayara Pommells

Ayara Pommells is a writer based in London, UK. She is also a publicist, co-owner of the UK hip-hop site, and a music editor for


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