SWV’s Reason For Return: ‘The Industry Is So Dry Right Now’

It has been over a decade since Sisters With Voices (SWV) released an album, but they believe now is the perfect time.

“The lord told us. It’s not the timing is right or anything. It was just meant to be,” group member Taj told YKIGS about their return. Lelee added, “The industry is so dry right now. It’s like a drought. It’s horrible. They need us.”

SWV reunited in 2005 and signed a record deal earlier this year with Mass Appeal Entertainment and eOne Entertainment. Currently in the process of creating the new album, the trio does not feel pressure to change their style. Read More>>

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  1. Babygirl says:

    These are my girls! They are so right and so humble as well and the industry is really in need of the GREAT 90’s leftovers because we have just about lost all of our legends! SWV might be the last R&B group that can save this dying generation of music!

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