The Beyoncé Effect: A Superstar’s Influence from Perfume to Pregnancy

To say Beyoncé is a superstar is an understatement.  While she definitely has her haters who feel she is over rated, she is clearly loved by the masses–so much so that the news of her pregnancy sparked a very interesting discussion:  Would women really attempt to get pregnant based on Beyoncé’s own pregnancy?    Surprisingly, many women answered yes! 

Hold on a minute! Are we really saying that Beyoncé has such a spell over the masses that women would actually consider getting pregnant just so the birthdates would line up?  It sounds silly to say the least, and borderline psychotic to say the most, but women actually admitted to considering it.  While we expect celebrities to use their popularity to push everything from perfume to pick-up trucks, the idea that a star could spark a mini baby boom, while somewhat disturbing, is also worth a little thought.

How long have we let celebrities dictate what’s hot and what’s not?  Pretty much forever, so by no means are we to single out King B here.  The notable part of the equation is how many of her followers go beyond the title of “fans” and turn into “fanatics.”  I know, close enough, right?  Well you can be a fan of someone and not want to simultaneously produce with them.   That’s where the distinction has been drawn for the pride of Texas.  We commend her for her natural talent, incredible discipline, and star power. Apparently, she has reached a point where the industry elite call her the next Michael Jackson, and with her reputation, it’s hard to dispute.  However, the thought that so many young women idolize her enough to consider bringing a child into this world simply because she will, is disturbing.  Beyoncé will not be buying that baby formula, and Jay-Z will not help you put in the car seat.   Hopefully, the women who said they would try this were just excited over the news and got a little overzealous with their words.  Otherwise, that admission speaks volumes about the mental state our young women are in, and just how easily they can be influenced and manipulated.

–Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett is a freelance music journalist who also goes by “Compton” and “Soulfullyreal.” All three of them are Hip Hop Heads with a column entitled “Welcome to Compton”. For daily musings, check her out at @soulfullyreal.

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