VIDEO: Adele “Turns Tables” on Jonathan Ross

Chart-topped Adele made her way back to the UK’s “The Jonathan Ross Show” to talk with the ultra-hilarious Jonathan Ross. The two talk about her touring, her dislike for large venues, as well as her ability to song-write. Adele also talks about how difficult it is for her to express herself vocally, and how she relies on her “drunk journal”. She also jokes about how her ex-flame burnt her back in May, but she refuses to write any songs about him because it would only stroke his ego even more. Lol!

Jonathan Ross also asks her what else she’s working on and she accidentally reveals that she’s heading back into the studio in November to work on a “theme”, which everyone believes to be the James Bond theme song. Though the host started humming the theme, all Adele did was blush and giggle without revealing anything other than it’s merely a “concept.” Read More>>

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