Build A Band: 5 Solo Super Group Suitors

Super groups are super for a reason. Collectively they work together to bring you countless unforgettable experiences. Dedication, talent and sacrifice is their daily regimen. To build anything requires a strong foundation. Unfortunately, it seems that music groups and bands have a short lifespan. Could it be that the foundation wasn’t strong enough? Were the artists lacking? While we can speculate on the various reasons for failure, what we can’t deny is what each soloist brought to the table. Each artist is indeed super in their own way.

We can recollect back to Destiny’s Child and each of their members. All three possessed vocal talent. Beyonce brought rift and range, Kelly brought a soft, melodious tone and Michelle brought the strong, raspy vocal. Together their harmony ignited goosebumps. Each artist provided something that ultimately made Destiny’s Child one of the best modern day female super groups to date. Read More>>

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