Nod Your Head to This: New Music From Jill Scott

Things may seem darkest just before dawn, but light and hope always break anew. A reminder of the abundance of good in the world – and our ability to channel it and make it grow — is as welcome as an ocean breeze. World-renowned label Hidden Beach Entertainment continue in their tradition of quality music with the unveiling of a musical sanctuary, a trove of aural treasure designed to refresh our souls and remind us of the positivity available through artistry. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled artistic gift: the CD Hidden Beach presents:The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1, a jaw-dropping collection of mostly unreleased music performed by the inimitable Grammy® Award winning Philly singer, songwriter, poet, and actress – Jill Scott.

Jill Scott
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This spectacular collection – due August 30, 2011 — offers new tracks, alternate versions, bonus material, and unknown classics that will impress new fans of Scott’s screen work and thoroughly thrill those who have followed Scott’s career since her stunning 2000 Hidden Beach debut, Who Is Jill Scott? Words + Sounds, Vol. 1. The music contained within the new collection represents the essence of Jill Scott’s artistic gifts, and is a conduit to healing on both the personal and community levels.

Follow Hidden Beach on Twitter @hiddenbeach for more details and music on the release of The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Vol. 1.

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