Train Stop Tuesday: Beautiful People Know

We all know that the Afro (or the natural) was the quintessential demonstration of black pride during the golden era of Soul Train. This commercial demonstrates that the unisex hairstyle looked great on both women and men, ironically uniting the sexes while pushing an effort to unite the race.

The words that these young brothers and sisters recite are deep and heartfelt, going beyond the surface of just their choice to wear the natural. Messages of pride, unity and dignity are all present, making this a pledge that the makers of Afro Sheen obviously wanted to stay with their audience. Sure they wanted to sell products, but there is a degree of social responsibility present in these early commercials that is honorable and still needed today.

Keeping your hair together in more ways than one?

Right on.

In celebration of Black Music Month, The Best of Soul Train is now available on iTunes. Download the best of 40 years of Love, Peace and Soul today!

The Best of Soul Train, Vol. 1


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