Rock This: The New Highs in Flat Shoes

The feminine love affair with shoes–high heels in particular is a storied romance. But what about when it’s time to step down from that 4.5″ high-horse into something more practical–or comfortable? The seismic footwear event that goes by the name of gladiator sandals, last year brought in a new wave of acceptance for women’s shoes that didn’t test one’s limits of dexterity and balance. Comfort and ease reigned supreme and while some were slow to adopt the trend (yours truly), the style was prevalent enough to return for a second summer.

However, gladiator sandals and flip flops (it doesn’t matter if they’re Tory Burch) just aren’t appropriate for all settings and that yearning for continued comfort gave rise to a stylish new wave of flats. It used to be that flats were relegated to 80s and 90s flashbacks or tweens too young to wear heels. Now, the hottest designers in the market include flats in their collections: Christian Louboutin, Tory Burch, Vera Wang, Chloe, Juicy Couture–all of our favorites who were notorious for their sky-high heels, have graced tired feet with chic alternatives.

We can already hear the rejoicing of style-conscious women who spend hours on their feet. When it comes to rocking flats there’s no real recipe, just be sure the hem of your pants (or jeans) fall at or just below the ankle to prevent a sloppy look.

– Quia Querisma

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Quia Querisma is a freelance writer, Dallas Glambassador, and enthusiast of dresses, shoes, premium denim and socializing of all varieties. She also runs a styling destination at

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